Thank you so much for your support!  We have reached our goal of $3,000 in monthly support for the shelter.  It was so unexpected that the donor who was making such a huge contribution every month would be unable to continue, but you stepped forward and filled in the gap.

In our last blog we had this little rooster thanking everyone for their donations.  He is such an adorable little guy, and…

…a little girl came with her dad and just had to adopt him!  It took Steven some time to finally catch that rooster, it’s easier when we know ahead of time so we can catch them while they are roosting, but soon enough he was safely in a crate.

In the last few blogs we also showed Steven with some hens that needed a home.

Another couple showed up and wanted to adopt the hens!

They also adopted this chicken.  It definitely turned out to be a busy chicken adoption day.  Everything goes in waves like that it seems.

Again we just can’t thank each and every one of you who stepped up to help with the monthly lease payments of this beautiful shelter.  It is truly heaven on earth for the animals that we shelter.

Thanks again!