Tuesday morning  Cougar and Panther were separated from the herd and getting ready to load.  They were a little confused why they had to be separated from their friends.

In no time at all they were headed up the loading chute to the trailer.  They hopped right in and were soon ready to head out.

While Cougar and Panther were loading up Galloway was watching out of his stall.  Little did he know he was next in line to load up.  You might notice that he has different looking tags on his ID collar.

We have new information tags that are put on the ID collars.  It makes it really easy to tell the horses status when you are in the field with them.  Vaccinated also means they have been microchipped and dewormed.

Galloway was excited when when it was his turn to load up.  When we rescued him, thanks to your support, at the last auction he was an unwanted stallion, now he is a happy gelding who was going home.

After everyone was loaded up they headed out the driveway and down the highway.

It was a long drive to their destination but all the horses were traveling just fine.

Galloway was so happy to get out of the trailer and be with his adoptive mom.   She was so happy too.  She first visited him at the shelter when he was a stallion.  She visited him again after he was gelded, and every time she visited him she fell in love with him more and more.

Next Cougar and Panther, 2 horses in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest, were meeting up with their trainers.  Both trainers will be using the same facility so they were delivered together.

The trailer was backed up to the chute, the door was opened, and Panther came marching on out nice and calm.

Cougar came out a little more energetically, they had a nice safe unloading area so it was just fine.

After Cougar and Panther were safely unloaded the rescue rig headed over to meet up with Animal Control.  They had 3 horses that were surrendered to them that they needed us to take.  The horses were still at the owners place, Animal Control does not have the facility for horses in that county.

Their owner had the horses well fed, but could no longer afford to keep them.  The horses also needed hoof care and other veterinarian care.  It’s nice that these horses were not underweight.

After a little coaxing all 3 of them were safely in the trailer.

Then the rescue rig headed to the Animal Control shelter to pick up a couple animals that they needed to transfer to us.  First of all the trailer had to be backed up to a hill so there was no step up into the trailer.

Meet Piggy the pig.  Her poor little legs were just so short there was no way she could have hopped into the trailer.  She is a very cute and friendly pot belly pig who is said to be house trained.

They also surrendered Samson, this very adorable Nigerian Dwarf billy goat.  He is very friendly and oh so cute.

The three horses rode in the first 2 compartments in the trailer.  Piggy and Samson had the back compartment all to themselves.  Piggy just laid down and enjoyed the ride.

It was a very long drive back to the shelter.  It was beautiful when the moon rose up over the hills.

Back at the shelter Steven was waiting to help.  He opened the gate and had stalls waiting and ready for the animals.

Before long Samson and Piggy were resting comfortably in a stall.

Then the 3 horses unloaded into their waiting stalls too.

It was a very long, busy day, and we would like to thank each and every one of you who donate to make rescues like this possible.