Wednesday Macho Man, Dottie and Twister were very curious about the little creature in the corner, Samson.  They wondered why he smelled so bad.  It’s just the way billy goats are, they really don’t smell that nice at all.

Jacelyn was being adopted, she has come so far since she was surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site.

Back in October Jacelyn came to us a skinny orphaned foal.  Her owner had sold her mom off when she was quite young, without any consideration of Jacelyn’s welfare or nourishment needed from her mother.

On top of that, and probably the reason the people didn’t take her when they bought her mother, she had a huge umbilical hernia that required surgery.  We asked you to help out with her surgery, and thanks to your donations her surgery was done successfully.

Now Jacelyn was starting her new life with a wonderful adoptive family.  Her family is so excited that she is in the Youngster for Youngster’s program in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest.

We were so proud of Jacelyn as she stepped into the trailer like a pro.

She took one last look at the shelter as she rode away.

We had 4 fish surrendered at the shelter.  They all posed for their intake photo.

We released them into one of the large water troughs so they can help keep the bug population down.  We’ve got to keep those mosquito’s and West Nile disease away!

The horses that came in from Animal Control are settling in well.  This is a Curly mix and we couldn’t help but chuckle about his ears.

The inside of his ears are very curly, how incredibly cute!

Dusty the donkey, who had been gelded, was finally ready to be turned out into the lower field.

He is a handsome boy who is looking for a home.  He is shy, but once he has his lead rope on he leads nicely.  He would make a great addition to any home.

Grey, one of the permanent E-Adopted residents at the shelter, was very intrigued with Dusty’s long ears…

…but Dusty was mostly intrigued with all the green grass.

Then Grey came over and tried to be friendly.  Dusty just hung his head and walked away.  Grey looked so sad.  Don’t worry Grey, give him some time and you two will be buddies.

After the shelter was closed to visitors they got busy cleaning up.  A huge limb had fallen down over the winter, and it needed to be taken care of.

The big limb was piled on top of one of the berry patches that is taking over the pasture.

While they were preparing to light the fire the fire truck went roaring by to assist with a bonfire that was getting out of hand down in the valley.

Parcey watched wide eyed with curiosity.  There were so many people moving so many limbs around.  No doubt he was trying to make sense of it all in his mind.

The big oak limb and berry patch went up with a roar.  Soon enough it all burned out and the big limb was gone.

Thank you all for your support!