A big truck and trailer were pulling into the shelter recently.  What could be inside?

It backed into the big barn as far as it could.

The doors opened and beautiful soft fluffy stuff was pouring out.  We ordered a semi truck load of bedding for the critters.  Buying little bags is just very costly.

Horses watched wide eyed with amazement as the semi kept unloading more and more bedding.

Piles and piles came out of the semi trailer.  Soon enough it was unloaded.

One of our Board of Directors was out, and he was absolutely delighted with the new bedding.

Soon the stalls were being filled up with the fresh clean bedding.

Steven, our trainer, discovered that Fiona loves being brushed with a rake.  The horses winter hair is starting to shed and the horses love being groomed.

We had a big storm roll into the shelter with dark angry looking clouds.  They brought a lot of rain with them, which we desperately needed.

Redneck the rooster inspected the bedding to make sure it was ready for the storm and safely tucked under the roof.

Amigo was adopted to a wonderful family who had previously adopted Sadiq.  Sadiq was so happy to finally have a horse friend.

Amigo is so happy in his new home!  His family absolutely loves him they will have many happy times together.

The horses have enjoyed the rain but there have been dark clouds blowing back and forth for awhile now.  The horses enjoyed being able to go out in the big pasture, along with going into the big barn for cover when the rain is falling.  It’s so cute when you’re out in the pasture trying to get pictures of them, most of the time they are following along curious as can be.

We had an older horse named Cloud surrendered to us from Animal Control.  He has such a sad story.  Some people were out riding along a river.  When Cloud saw their horses, he came right up to them as if saying “Can you please help?”  Cloud has what appears to be melanoma cancer.  His owners probably figured that dumping him along the river would get rid of their problem, instead of doing the right thing and having him humanely euthanized to relieve his suffering.  It saddens and angers us when people would rather abandon an animal instead of doing the right thing.

We also had a rooster surrendered to us from Animal Control.  Meet Red Rock, he is a most handsome rooster and he is available for adoption.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.  It really means a lot!