Friday the news truck that is doing the story about Thoroughbreds not being retired happily after racing was at the shelter once again to do some more filming.

Tawnee was interviewed about Officer Bavetta and Uncommon Sense.  They won their owner over $40,000, but when both received injuries, they were sent to the auction.

Out in the pasture MeMe was looking at her two daughters who were sleeping in the sun.

She had a look of contentment as if she was thinking “Yes those are my baby girls and they are taking a nice nap in the sun.”

Even though they are adult horses now she nickered back at them with the same nicker she would use with a newborn baby.  She definitely knows they are her babies.  Hearing the nicker they woke up.

Double and Bear are very cute horses and are full blooded sisters.

Double and Bear were very intrigued by the news camera.  They were just sure it was their time to be a star.

But soon they figured out that Officer Bavetta and Uncommon Sense were the stars of the show.  They did a great job making sure the camera saw them.

Two vets came out to see the animals at the shelter. Cloud was examined and it was confirmed that he does have cancer that is not treatable.  He has a lot of oozing tumors along with other health issues.  The vets recommended humane euthanasia to relieve his suffering.  He has had a good long life and it’s so sad that his owner dumped him in his time of need.

Next Petuna the pig was treated by the vets.  She had her hooves trimmed, she didn’t like her manicure and squealed and hollered.

After it was all over she looked a little disgusted with everyone.  The vets also examined her eyes and found that she has fat folds rolling down over her eyes that make them weep. Her eyes are fine, just she needs to lose some weight.  The vets said that in order for her to be this fat she would have to eat all the food she could possibly stick down her throat before she came to us.  They gave us special instructions for a diet so she can lose weight and her eye problems can clear.

We would like to give you a quick update on Miracle Moon in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest.

She is doing quite well.  She is under saddle and finally has enough trust in her trainer to let her pick up all 4 hooves.  We would like to invite you to visit her page and see all the wonderful updates from her trainer.  To visit her page, click here.

Thank you all for your support!