Macho Man had a visitor coming.  We were all anxious for her arrival.

It was the daughter of Macho Man’s original owners who had passed away.  Macho Man was her mother’s favorite mini and the whole family absolutely loved him.  After she passed away Macho Man was given to another person who was supposed to keep him for life, but he was surrendered to us because she couldn’t sell him due to his deformity in his front leg.  She was going to put him down, take him to auction, or do something with him because she didn’t want him anymore.  Instead we took him, gave him the surgery he needed to be comfortable, and made him our mascot.  The daughter was so excited to see him again and spend time with him as Macho Man grazed on the beautiful green grass.

She also brought a bunch of items to donate to the shelter.  We are so grateful for her thoughtfulness!

Best of all she brought a scrapbook with lots of pictures of Macho Man, even as a baby!

Since Macho Man has come to us we have made so many memories with him.  He is such an amazing little horse with so much love to give.  We have always wondered about his past…

…and now we have a wonderful scrapbook with pictures of his life before he came to us.  We also finally have his actual age: 16 years old.  We took pictures of the scrapbook and uploaded it to Facebook so you can all enjoy seeing the pictures.  To view the scrapbook, click here.

One of our board members brought out a group of people to see the great work we are doing.

A little girl was delighted to give treats to the critters at the shelter.

She was thrilled that she got to pet Petuna the pig too.

Sandy enjoyed being scratched and rubbed.  As the weather warms up the winter coats start falling out and the horses love being groomed.

We would like you to visit Diamond’s page.  He is in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest.  He was the skinniest horse from the hoarding case and he made an amazing recovery with us.

He has been placed with a trainer who is making wonderful progress with her.  To visit his page and see his wonderful progress, click here.

Thank you all for your support!