Tuesday morning Tobak the goat was surrendered.  Brittany picked him up and carried him to the waiting trailer.

Back at the shelter he got his hooves trimmed and all fixed up so he would be ready for adoption.

Tobak is quite the cute little guy, he is only 10 months old and would make a great addition to any family, especially yours!

Redneck the Rooster spent literally all day in the bedding pile.

He would scratch, fluff it up, and keep looking through it all.

Then his big long neck would reach down and he would snap up something yummy.

While Redneck was hard at work fluffing up the bedding, Petuna the pig was sound asleep in her bed of straw.

Red Rock, the rooster that came from Animal Control, has settled in nicely with the other roosters.  He is the great big handsome rooster in the bottom right of the picture.

It has come to our attention that we have a lot of halters at the shelter.  This is a 12′ panel where the halters are hung up.  Down at the end, it’s hard to see, is a section with a few stiff old lead ropes.  Lead ropes when they have been used for awhile get old and stiff and need to be retired.  As you can see we have a lot more halters than lead ropes.

Right now Horse.com has beautiful lead ropes for only $8.09.  We could really use some more lead ropes, so if any of our readers would like to help out the shelter in a very real, direct way, we will be more than grateful!  They have discount pricing for orders of 2 or more.   Our shipping address is: Horse Plus Humane Society, 1944 Robinson Mill Rd, Bangor Ca 95914.  To donate a lead rope, click here.

Brittany was delighted when a new microscope was delivered. The first one that was donated arrived with a defective screen so it was unusable.  It was shipped back and a new one arrived.  We are so grateful to the very generous individual who has donated this beautiful microscope.  This will allow our vets and vet tech to do fecals and other medical tests.

As the sun set Hugo was finishing up with the evening chores, making sure the horses get their food and supplements.  Great work Hugo, we really appreciate your hard work and dedication.

We would like you to visit Hugh’s page, in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest.  He is doing absolutely wonderful and we are thrilled to see him coming so far.

Hugh has many videos on his page and we would like to invite you to check them out and see the great work that Hugh and his trainer are accomplishing.  To visit Hugh’s page, click here.

Please remember our need for lead ropes.  To purchase and donate a lead rope, click here. Once again our shipping address is: 1944 Robinson Mill Rd, Bangor Ca.

Thank you all for your support!