Call to Action: In Roswell, NM horse slaughterhouse plans are underway.  One of our followers made a petition, and we are asking people to sign it.  More importantly, call the Mayor, Del Jurney, at 575-637-6202 or email at Roswellmayor@Roswell-NM.Gov and let him know 40 jobs, no doubt all minimum wage jobs, are not worth the senseless torture and slaughter of these magnificent creatures.  To sign the petition, click here.

Tuesday at the shelter was a nice quiet day and it was a very beautiful day.  Down in the lower pond there are a pair of Canadian geese that may be considering making this pond their summer home to raise their family.  How cute would that be?

Napoleon and his 3 Musketeers saw Tawnee taking photos and decided to come up and investigate.

Napoleon, one of the permanent horses at the shelter, has quite the little following.  The donkeys, Jack, Shadow and Dusty, have buddied up with him and follow him around as if he’s the king.

Napoleon decided that his tongue was a little dry and it was time for a drink out of the pond.

While Napoleon took his time drinking his loyal musketeers stood guard making sure he had the pond to himself.

On the hill above the pond Grey and Sierra, also two permanent residents, were enjoying relaxing in the sun.   Remember when Dusty, one of the donkeys, was put in the pasture and Grey tried to make friends with him?  Well, Dusty decided that Grey was no fun and Napoleon was his champion.  Poor Grey, he tried.  Sierra watched as Tawnee came up the hill with curiosity.

When we rescued Sierra in 2008 she was an emaciated 8 year old wild Mustang.  You could literally see every bone in her body.

5 years later she is doing wonderfully and living life to the fullest.  She prefers her Mustang ways and has never warmed up to people, but that’s OK because all she needs to do is relax, eat grass and enjoy life the way she wants to.

It’s nice to have slow days at the shelter sometimes and enjoy the animals who are permanent residences, along with all the animals that are being sheltered.  Parcy said “Moo-night” as the sun was setting.

Thank you all for your support that makes the shelter possible!