We received an email from the Roswell, New Mexico Mayor’s office.  They thanked us for all the emails and phone calls, however, the Mayor can’t help because the horse slaughter house is not in the city limits.  They gave us the USDA Roswell Sub Office phone number so we all can contact them and have our voices heard. The USDA Roswell Sub Office number is 575-622-8745 Extension 4.  We should also call the Chaves County Administration at 575-624-6600 and let the county know that we all will boycott visiting their county and Roswell.  Roswell is a tourist destination and if they open a horse slaughter house there, the tourism industry in Roswell could die because of the horse butchering.  If you have time you can also call the Chaves  County Commissioners and let them know your thoughts.  Please be polite, professional and respectful because that is the best way to get your point across.

Greg Nibert

James W. Duffey

Kim Chesser

Kyle D “Smiley” Wooton

Robert Corn

We must be the voice for the horses.  We have been posting a lot on our Facebook page and doing everything we can to raise awareness and hopefully put an end to the slaughter of horses.

Thursday a rig pulled in from Animal Control.  Inside were some precious lives that were being transferred to our shelter.

Inside were two female donkeys: Jenny and Jill.

Jill is the smaller one, Jenny is the slightly bigger one.

They have been given a lot of food and have extreme fat crests on their necks.

Jill was led to their waiting pen while Jenny walked gently behind.

They are so cute and adorable!

Animal Control also brought us a horse that has a lot of health problems including a severely broken down pastern.  We will be evaluating him for quality of life.

While the Animal Control officers were out they wanted to visit the adoptable horses as one of the officers is looking to add a new horse to their family.

They placed Wendy in adoption pending.  Way to go Wendy!  Once the adoption application is processed Wendy will be heading to her new home.

Thank you all for your support!  Have a great weekend!