We got a great update from Strayberry’s adoptive family.  “This is Strawberry we adopted in 2009 and she is still my daughters Best Friend! Kory is now 11 yrs old and Strawberry is around 20 and still going strong.  They are on there 2nd year of 4-h. Walk-trot, and showing English and western AND some Gymkana. People ask us all the time if we would consider selling, the answer is Always NO. But we do let them know where they can go to adopt their very own Best Friend! Thank you, Horse Plus Humane Society! !!”

   We always love getting updates about the adopted animals from our shelter and are always so happy to know they are doing so well with their forever family.

   A lot has happened since the last blog, so enjoy all the exciting things that have been happening.

A lady drove over 5 hours to surrender a rooster to us.  She lives in the city and cannot have roosters.  She got 4 hens as chicks, and one of them started crowing, which means it wasn’t a hen and she couldn’t keep it.  She desperately looked for a place for her rooster to go.  Everywhere she looked the door was shut.  Finally she contacted us, and of course we couldn’t say “No” to her crying plead.  After surrendering the rooster Judylynn gave her and her mother, who sadly has Alzheimer  a tour of the shelter.  The mother doesn’t remember short term very well, so every time she saw an animal it was as if she was seeing it for the first time.  She left thinking we have lots and lots of baby horses, thousands of roosters, tons of donkeys, and dogs running everywhere.  She was so sweet and so happy.  She enjoyed her tour so much, and it was a delight to share the animals with her and see them bring her so much joy.

   We had another transfer of roosters from SPCA in southern California, they could not find homes for these boys and were out of options.  They are so beautiful!  In total we had 40 roosters surrendered to us over the weekend.  It has definitely made early morning rising a bit noisier as they all try to out-crow each other. 

Our rescue team went to 2 different auctions over the weekend.  One of our humane observers called from an auction we normally don’t rescue from and told us there were 11 horses there waiting to be sold.  Our main rescuer headed to the auction and was able to win the bid on 4 of the 11 horses.  She was bidding directly against a local known kill buyer, he bid the animals up to the current meat price for horses: about 20 cents a lb.  On a 1,200 pound horse that is $240!   This beautiful paint mare is extremely lame and was experiencing a lot of pain with every step.  That didn’t matter to the kb as he bid her up up up.  We won the bid to save her from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline, and in the auction receipt it noted that she weighed almost 1,200 lbs.  We are hoping that we will be able to get her fixed up and into a new home.

The very next day our rescuer was at the auction we normally rescue at. She was able to save an additional 5 horses for us.

Included in the group was this sweet little baby and his mommy.   We also saved a yearling and 2 older brood mares.

    Jason, Tawnee and Steven headed to the auctions to pick up the horses that were saved.  First the momma, baby and yearling were loaded into the front compartment.

   The baby looked so confused, what a way to start your life off.  This baby is very young, you can still see his drying umbilical cord.

   Then the two brood mares were put in the next compartment.   On the paint’s paperwork Tawnee recognized the owner as a person she remembers seeing at the Roseville Livestock Auction a lot.  She did a quick Google search and sure enough, there was a big court case where she was convicted of felony level animal cruelty.  To see some of the court case, click here.

The little yearling from the auction is purebred Pony of America that can be registered.  What an adorable little face!

Next they drove to the second auction where the 3 horses and 1 mule were waiting to be picked up.

All the horses loaded up safely and they were on the way to the shelter.

 At the shelter the trailer door was opened up into the unloading chute.  One by one the horses stepped calmly out, walked down the aisle and into their waiting pens.

The horses were so happy to get out of the trailer and begin eating and drinking. 

Everyone was settled in, but the baby was still wide eyed at all the new sights and sounds.  We were unable to do a fundraiser for this auction, and we really need your help to care for these sweet horses.  A couple people did donate for this auction, but we still need your help.  Please make a donation today to help with these 9 precious lives that were saved from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline.  To donate, click here or to donate using your Paypal account: donate@horsehumane.org 

Thank you all so much for your support!  We really appreciate your support in rescuing, sheltering and adopting animals into wonderful homes.