As you know we rescued 8 horses and 1 mule from 2 different livestock auctions this last weekend.  We did not have an opportunity to do a normal fundraiser before the auction, and we need your help.  We are almost to our normal monthly goal of $5,000 for the rescue and care of auction horses, we only need to raise another $1,270.  Please help out right now, even $5 helps a lot.  To donate, click here. 

We are still working on names for the auction horses, but we can give you a quick introduction.

This POA year and a half old pony colt is very cute.

This is an Arab mare who has a baby by her side.  We are told she is 5 years old.  She seems to have vision problems and she was very scared at the auction.

Her baby is absolutely adorable, and is quite young.  It’s so horrible that people breed a mare, then dump her at the auction right after the baby is born because they decide they don’t want it.  Horse breeding is a choice, the horses should never suffer for humans bad decisions.

This is an older registered APHA broodmare.  She is 22 years old, her registered name is Tonto Trojan HY.  She is extremely fearful of people, no doubt she was just put in a pasture, pasture bred, and made a new baby year after year.  Her reward was to be dumped at an auction.

This is a 17 year old broodmare, registered AQHA, named Scoots Imagination.   We found a recent ad for her online where the ad stated she had produced a lot of nice foals. She was being sold for $300, as a broodmare only.  She was probably purchased, bred, didn’t take, and dumped at the auction.  Such a sad story to this cute girls life.

This is a very sweet horse in her late teens.  She has had a lot of work done with her.  She loves to be pet, scratched and rubbed.  She is very good about having her feet lifted.  She will be evaluated for ridability after her quarantine is over.

This is the Paint mare seen in the previous blog who has a lot of lameness and pain.

This cute girl is a QH mare who is has not let us approach her yet.

This is a very sweet mule gelding, he really likes attention.

Tuesday morning Jill was getting ready to head to her new home.

She hopped in the trailer like a good girl even though it was a very big step for her.

In the office Brittany, the vet tech, was getting one of the donated computers set up so she can use it in her office.  We would like to thank the person again who donated the computers, it’s greatly appreciated.

We asked for some lead ropes the other day and a big box arrived from Horse.com with lots of leadropes inside.  We can’t thank the very generous person who donated them enough.

Plus they also donated a box of vet-wrap.  What a loving, generous gift.

By this time Jill had arrived at her new home.

Her new neighbor was so excited to see her, he was running, bucking and jumping with delight.

Jill’s new mom was absolutely delighted to have her by her side.

Jill looked around her new home with curiosity.

Indian Valley, where Jill was adopted, is such a beautiful valley.  It’s just breathtaking to see.

Back at the shelter everyone was getting ready for the storm.  It was time to open up the mare motel stalls where the horses can come in out of the rain.

The 3 Musketeers, Shadow, Jack and Dusty watched wide eyed at the humans scurrying about.  No doubt they wonder why humans are so strange.  Sometimes they are walking about calmly, sometimes they are scurrying about.  Why can’t humans just make up their minds?

The big pasture gate was opened up where horses could get into the big run-in barn if they wanted.

Please remember the auction fundraiser, we really need your help to reach our goal of $5,000 for the rescue and care of the auction horses this month.  Click here.