Horse Shooting Update

In our last blog we shared with you the horrible situation in New Mexico.  A worker for a future New Mexico horse slaughter house, Tim Sappington, was mad at animal activists and shot a horse to make a hateful point.  The story has quickly spread, and has gone international.

The story of Justice, which is what we named the horse, is being told literally all around the world.

United Kingdom:
Republic of Panama:

   There are hosts of TV stations in the United States that have ran the story.  All of them are appalled about what Tim did, and how he used the death of a horse to make a hateful message to everyone who loves animals.  You can see one of the TV stories by clicking here. 

There are so many newspapers that are also running the story, from the LA Times to the NY Times, and across the nation in between.  We can’t link them all, but you can read a local (New Mexico) newspaper by clicking here.

Valley Meat is still on schedule to open the beginning of April, and people who love animals are scrambling everywhere to try to find a way to stop the horrible brutality that WILL happen there.

Valley Meat expects to process 100 horses a day with a net gain of about $200-$250 per horse, that is $25,000 a day made off horses just like Justice!

Governor Martinez can stop this from happening!

Call her: (505) 476-2200
Email her: (

Please tell her – There exists sufficient potentiality for public harm so as to justify an Executive Order by banning horse slaughter in the state of New Mexico. (NMSA 12-10A-5)

Please remember when contacting people, stay calm, use good manners, say thank-you, No yelling or threats…etc.

In memory of Justice, the horse that Tim Sappington cruelly murdered, Steve Davis, our trainer and farrier, recorded this song.  It is NOT graphic and is suitable for children, although you might want to watch it first just to make sure.  It tells the story of what the horses life may have been like. To watch the video, click here.

Just remember, please call Gov Martinez and ask her to issue an executive ordering outlawing horse slaughter in New Mexico.