Over the weekend we had some rain, thankfully, but it did mean everyone had to work hard getting all the animals settled before the rain hit.  When it was storming it was so nice the animals could all be dry.  We had a lot of rain fall.

By Monday the weather was much better, but some of the horses were still enjoying relaxing on the bedding in the barn, waiting for the sun to come out and dry everything up before they got up.

Steven has a new friend in the barn, one of the roosters.  This big rooster perches on his arm or his shoulder and rides around like he’s a parrot.  It’s so adorable.

We had a family come out to adopt some roosters to add to their family farm.  Along with the roosters they put Fiona and Scarlet in adoption pending.

The Roswell horse slaughterhouse is still planning to be opened shortly.  A local TV new station did a story about how the Yakama tribe in Washington sent a letter to the USDA showing their support for the slaughter of horses.  No doubt the tribe just wants to make money off the horses on their reservation.  In Nevada it is very common for the local tribes to round up 30-50 horses and send them to slaughter to make a few dollars.  We need to let our voices be heard that American’s do NOT want our pets slaughtered.  To read the article, click here.

While Valley Meat in Roswell NM is gearing up to slaughter 100 horses a day, Oklahoma overturned their 50 year old ban on slaughtering horses.  A slaughterhouse has put in their application to start slaughtering horses.  We must not give up the fight!  Owners need to be responsible, and instead of dumping their horses at auctions, they need to find them a good home or at the very least give them a dignified ending by humane euthanasia instead of the brutality of the slaughter pipeline.  To read the story from Oklahoma, click here.

Thank you all for your support both financial and emotional.