April 2nd was World Autism Awareness Day.  We wanted to do something special to help brighten a special girl’s day.

   Her and her family came out to the shelter and dyed Dottie’s mane and tail blue, the color for autism awareness.

Dottie was a very good girl and enjoyed all of the attention.  She was really styling too! 

   She wasn’t quite happy when the dye had to be washed out after it set for awhile, but she didn’t mind it too much because it was a nice warm day.

After Dottie was all done she got to pose with the special girl and her mom.  The little girl was SO happy and excited! 

Another little kid who was very happy was adopting the rooster from the last blog, Steve’s “Parrot.”  We are so happy for him, he will have so much fun with his new family. 

Steven spent a large portion of his day trimming horses.  It’s a never ending job at the shelter.   

We had a spring cleaning staff meeting.  We discussed the need to clean up the shelter, and we all brainstormed about keeping the horses from destroying the irrigation heads.  The horses love to play in the sprinklers, and paw at the water.  If you know of any solutions for keeping the horses from destroying the irrigation, please email us your suggestions: info@horsehumane.org.  The sprinkler heads are spaced about every 20′ in the pastures in long rows.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day , everything was so bright and clean after the last rain storm.

Thank you all so much for your support!