We have an exciting announcement, something we have been wanting to do for a very long time: our first ever Horse Plus Camp.  We want to invite you to start the summer off right.  Bring your horses to a beautiful campground and spend some quality time with your horse, family, friends and new friends.  There are miles of trail rides, the Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale and a horse  Play Day in the rodeo grounds all within a few hundred feet!  To read all about it and for more details, click here.  Even if you don’t have a horse, you are welcome to come spend the weekend with us and help out at the events.

The Horse Plus Camp will be at the Taylorsville campground May 24-27.   Come one day or come for all.  Maps will be provided on our website for local trail riding opportunities.   To sign up for the camp so we can have an idea how many people will be attending, click here.

On Sunday, May 26, the Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale will happen in the Taylorsville Rodeo Grounds at 1:00 pm.  Come watch the amazing progress these trainers have made with their horses.  To sign up to attend this event, click here.

On Monday, May 27th, Memorial Day, we will be having a horse Play Day open to anyone who wishes to attend (if yo are under 18 make sure you bring a helmet.)  Barrel racing, pole pending, egg an spoon, keyhole, and more, it’s going to be a lot of fun for contestants and spectators!  To sign up to attend this event, click here.

Reggie the rooster is enjoying hanging out soaking up some sun.  He is such a cute little guy, living the life that chickens should.

Animal Control brought us 3 horses.  This mare was transferred for the Last Act of Kindness due to her failing health conditions.

Animal Control also brought us 2 Standardbred horses.  We are still researching the identity of this one

This one does have a freeze brand so we were able to find out that he is Air Ivy, born in 2005.  He is a gelding.  We evaluate them and hopefully find out more about their past.

At our last staff meeting we discussed spring cleaning.  Jason and Steven got busy on that.

Even Maria, Hugo (the stablehand’s) wife, got to work cleaning up.

The roosters pitched in by making sure there were no bugs in the bedding pile.

We had another Standardbred surrendered last week.  His name is Sinister Sam, he was born in 98.  He won over $200,000 in his racing career.  After he retired from racing he was trained to be a riding horse and he is said to be a nice riding horse.

He has glaucoma and requires eye drops twice a day.  He is an extremely good boy and is very good about getting his eye drops.  We will waive his adoption fee to the right home (must be approved of course) due to his special needs.

Sunday we had 2 horses surrendered for the Last Act of Kindness.  This poor guy’s body is so stiff they had to back up to a gravel pile so he wouldn’t have to step down.  We are thankful that we can provide this service to keep horses like this sweet boy from ending up at auctions, ending up in the slaughter pipeline.

Out in the pasture the horses are kicking back enjoying the yummy green grass as it grows so fast.  Scarlet is waiting to go to her new home as soon as her adoption application is processed.  Sierra, in the background, is an E-Adopted horse who is kicking back enjoying life.

The two sisters out in the pasture are patiently waiting for their home.  We are working hard to find them a home together as they are oh so cute.

Please consider making a small donation today to help care for all the animals at the shelter.  Even $5 will really help a lot!  Click here, or to donate directly through Paypal: donate@horsehumane.org is our Paypal address.  Thank you!