The auction is coming right up and we need your help to save lives!   We have been able to raise $650 towards our goal of $5,000 for the rescue and care of the auction horses this month.  Just this year, with your support, we have rescued almost 30 horses from the horror of the slaughter pipeline at auctions.  Help us pull more horses out of the slaughter pipeline to learn more and to make a donation, click here.

Andy the mule is looking for a home.  He is a very sweet mule, he loves attention, if he sees a person near his pen he will come right over to get some scratching and loving.  He is very personable.  If you would like to see more pictures of Andy click here.

We had another horse surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program.  This poor horse’s legs are so full of arthritis she has been unable to lay down for years.  She leans her head into the stall panels to take the weight off her legs.  It’s so sad.  We are so thankful we have this program so we can relieve the suffering of horses like this sweet girl.

Wednesday Steven was busy filling out evaluation forms and updating the horses folders.  It’s so great to have a full time evaluator and farrier on our staff.  He is great with the horses and paperwork too.

At the office this little rooster, Popin, has learned to come stand at the front door and make happy chicken noises.

He knows if he does this long enough Judylynn will get up from her desk and bring him goodies.

We’ve never seen a begging rooster before, but Popin has developed the talent of manipulating humans into doing what he wants.  He’s pretty smart and pretty too!  He definitely has an extra special bird brain.

We had a very excited adopter filling out adoption papers.  She was anxiously waiting for her adoption application to be processed and she finally got the go-ahead.

While the paperwork was being filled out Steven was loading up Scarlet.  She is such a big girl and we are glad we paid a little bit more years ago to get the extra tall trailer.  It makes hauling drafts and other tall horses so much easier and more comfortable for the horses.  We wish the big rescue trailer was extra tall too.  Next time we’ll know.

Fiona was also being adopted by the same lady.  She is such a gorgeous little girl and has changed a lot since she came to us in January.

The adopters were so excited to see the trailer ready to head out with their new precious family members.

Scarlet looked out at them as if to say “Hmm, wonder where I am going.”

Fiona didn’t really care, she was just happy that they were petting her and telling her nice sounding things.

In no time at all they were unloaded at their new home and were settling in nicely.  Congratulations Fiona and Scarlet, we are so happy for you to have found a wonderful home together.

Please remember our auction fundraiser, without your support we cannot rescue horses from auctions and adopt them into wonderful homes.  Please help us help them, click here.

Thank you all for your support!