Thanks to your generosity the auction thermometer is currently at $1,796.  In addition to that we a received $3,395 for the auction rescue, so this fundraiser is wrapped up.  We cannot thank each and every one of you that donated what they could to save lives.  Thank you all so much!

Thursday Shania was surrendered.   Her heart-broken owner was no longer able to keep Shania due to her (owner) health issues.   Shania is an Arab X QH, mare, 15hh, 18 years old.  She is a very well kept mare who is current with her vacc/wormings/farrier care. Shania’s previous owner said that she is sweet and enjoys camp-outs, she will need an experienced rider as she can turn on a dime.

Remember the begging rooster in the last blog?  Popin had a tour of the office and really enjoyed hanging out with everyone.  He is such a cute little guy.

With the rain and warm sun we have been having recently the grass is really growing, it is so beautiful.

The horses enjoy spending time relaxing in the pasture, enjoying the view and yumnmy green grass, just being horses.

Jason was out picking up a horse that had to be surrendered due to his owner’s poor health.  It’s so sad when owners have to give up their beloved horses for health reasons.  Blue is a 15 year old gelding who has laminitis and some lameness issues.

In no time at all Blue was back at the shelter unloading.

He was led into his waiting stall. Blue was so happy to settle in and enjoy his yummy food and water.

As the sun was setting Dottie, Shadow and Macho Man posed for a very cute picture.  They are so adorable and we are privileged to have them as permanent residents at our shelter.

Friday the shelter is closed but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t busy, this Friday was particularly busy.  First thing this morning Twister and Andy were in the trailer.

After a short trailer ride they were being unloaded at their forever home.  First Twister got out.

Then it was Andy’s turn.  He was more than happy to get out and see what his new surroundings were like.

Twister and Andy have been given permanent sanctuary at Home at Last and we are so happy for them.

While at Home at Last Tawnee took a picture of Hoover.  We are so glad that he is doing so well and fitting in so nicely.

After Twister and Andy were taken to Home at Last Tawnee headed to Animal Control where this very pregnant mare was waiting to be transferred to our organization.

She is very bagged up and it is very close to her delivery date.

As she was led to the trailer her belly swayed back and forth with every step.

She posed for her intake photo, and she posed like the good girl she is.  She needs a name, so it’s time for the naming game! If you would like to help name her, donate $5.00 and suggest a name for her, $5.00 per suggestion. All the name suggestions will be put in a bucket. Sunday morning the names will be shaken in the bucket and the winning name will be pulled out.  The winning name will be announced on Facebook. All the donations will go towards caring for the horses at our shelter.

Donate $5.00 or more and suggest a name in the notes of the donation page –
https://horsehumane.org/donate/donate.php or directly using your Paypal account: donate@horsehumane.org.

We got her settled into a nice big birthing stall and gave everyone a big heads up to keep a very close eye on her.

To top off the day Steven, our farrier and trainer, adopted Gitter as his very own horse.  There have been lots of horses he liked, but from the beginning he fell head over heels for Gitter.  We are so happy for the both of them.

Have a great weekend and thank you all for you support!