We think that all of our readers can agree that Parcy is truly happy and enjoying his life.

We rescued Parcy as a day old calf at a livestock auction, saving him from a veal factory.  His life only cost $5.

Years later Parcy is so happy and is quite the big guy.  He is as sweet as ever and loves attention.

Shadow is truly a California Happy Cow in every sense of the phrase.  She loves hanging out in the green pasture without a worry in the world.

We rescued Shadow as a day old from the auction for $50.  She was rescued a year after we rescued Parcy.

Shadow’s life could have been drastically different if we did not rescue her.  She could have ended up like one of the millions of dairy cows, drudging through the mud in a factory farm.

Instead, her life is far from that and she will never have to endure the life of a factory farm animal.

We have documented many of the horrors of the veal industry, the byproduct of the dairy industry.  We have seen first hand the suffering that happens.

Big Agriculture folks are trying to make it a criminal offense to merely take a photo of animal cruelty happening in factory farms.  In factory farms, animal abuse and cruelty is simply part of the industry, they can’t stop it, so they are trying to stop people from exposing the cruelty that happens.  They are pushing for laws criminalizing anybody from documenting animal abuse in factory farms.  You can watch a CNN debate on the subject, it is quite interesting: click here.

This law proposes making the photo that Tawnee took here illegal.  She broke no laws by taking the picture, she did not trespass  and yet the owners of this factory chicken farm want it to be illegal to simply take a picture.  It is quite plain that they would rather hide the animal abuse from the public eye than stop the abuse.

It is time to stop supporting cruel farming practices.  This doesn’t mean you have to go vegan, it just means stop supporting factory farms that would rather carry on the status quo of having acceptable levels of abuse that would shock and horrify the average person rather than actually make animal husbandry humane.  There is a great website, Animal Welfare Approved, that audits family farms, ensuring that the animals are well cared for and humanely treated.  It is voluntary, and a honor, for family farms to be approved to get the Animal Welfare Approved certification.  Please take the stand, boycott cruel factory farming and support local cruelty free farmers.  To learn about Animal Welfare Approved, click here.

They have a great search system on their website where you can put in your zipcode and it will pull up farms, grocery stores and even restaurants that have gotten the seal of approval.  To search in your area, click here.

Factory farming simply equals animal abuse.  If they didn’t have anything to hide, they wouldn’t spend millions and millions of dollars trying to make taking pictures like this a criminal act.

Thank you all for your support!  We greatly appreciate it.