Early Monday morning Shawnee had a surprise waiting in her stall: an adorable little filly.  We asked our Facebook fans to help name her, and thanks to our Naming Game she is named Knickers.  Justice was a very common name suggestion, but due to the randomness of the selection process, Knickers the name drawn out of the bucket.

Knicker’s is a very cute baby filly.  We are so glad that we were able to get Shawnee moved before she had her baby at Animal Control.

Shawnee is a very good mommy.  She is a little tired after giving birth.  She came to us last Friday from Animal Control on the thin side.  They are just so precious and adorable, we can’t wait to see Knickers up and running with glee.

Sam has to have eye drops twice a day to treat his glaucoma.  He is such a good boy for it and he knows people are trying to help him.  He is a really good boy, we took him on a good trail ride and he did spectacular, even going through water.  We had an adopter come out and look at him, but they don’t want to commit to putting eye drops in twice a day for him. He is a really great horse and just needs that perfect someone who is willing to commit to him and his special needs.  His adoption fee is waived to an approved home.

The pen next to Sam is the mommy and baby pen.

The babies heard the news they would be moving to a new pen.

They were all ears wondering where it would be.  They were so excited, something was about to happen, they could just feel it.

In the 5 acre pasture beside the baby pen Lacy J was not to thrilled that she would be moving.

But in no time she realized the pasture they were moved to wasn’t bad at all.  Look at all that green grass!

The mares and foals were delighted to be put out in the pasture where Lacy J and her friends just moved off of.

Marcus scouted out the new pasture and gave his seal of approval.

Meanwhile back in the barn Sebastian was given the news the vet was coming out the next day and he was on the vets list.  He looked a little surprised.  No doubt he thinks he is just fine.

Brittany told him that he was only going to receive a gelding operation and it was no big deal.  He looked a little doubtful.  As long as Brittany has the bucket of cookies it will probably be fine though.

Loki was also given the news that he is on the gelding list.  He is in adoption pending with his mom and another donkey friend, but before they could be adopted he had to be gelded. They are all happy they are going home soon.

Petuna the pig is still waiting for her home.  She is definitely an adorable little pig and it is nice she has lost enough weight where she can see again.  Being so obese that you have fat rolls hanging over your eyes is never a good thing.  If you look close at the picture you can see she did her best to put on a winning smile.

It was a great day of animal’s being placed in adoption pending, Jenny is one of the lucky animals that was placed in adoption pending.

Shawnee and Knickers were placed in adoption pending…

…and last but not least Blue was placed in adoption pending.  What a great start to the week!  We’ll get those adoption applications processed and get the animals into their forever homes.

Steven was busy working with the horses and trimming.

Georgia Peach was a good girl having her hooves trimmed.  She is an off the track Standardbred mare who is ready to start her new career in life.

All throughout the day our staff kept going to visit Shawnee and Knickers.  They let Knickers know right from the beginning that people are good and want to be her friend.

We have a lot of animals waiting to go to their forever homes.  To see our list of available animals at our shelter, click here.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.  It makes a huge difference in the lives of all the animals that we rescue, shelter and adopt into loving homes.