Tuesday morning Shawnee was enjoying her breakfast of some yummy LMF feed and Knickers was looking on with wonder.  What was her mom doing?

Back in the office there was a platter of peanut butter goodies.  Brittany made peanut butter cookies and Tawnee made peanut butter fudge.  Why all the peanut butter?  During the last vet day, the vet requested peanut butter goodies next time he came out.  So, his request was sitting on a silver platter.

Out in the front Steven, Brittany and Tawnee were moving Loki out of his pen getting him ready to be gelded.

Loki is such a sweet boy.  Steven always gets squeamish when it’s time for gelding, he feels very sympathetic for the poor guys.

The vet gave him some happy juice which he was a very good boy for his shot.

In no time at all he was in la-la land, ready for the operation to take place.

After his surgery, before he knew it, he was waking up.

He was a little unsteady for a few minutes when he got to his feet.  His poor mamma  on the left, looked a little concerned watching him.  You could tell she was thinking “Is my baby ok?”

Shawnee and Knickers were examined by the vet, and Shawnee needed her health certificate and coggins test done before she can be adopted as she is going out of state.  The vet recommended to wait until Knickers is 2 weeks old before transporting them to their new home.

The vet examined Nomi, who has a strange swelling on the right side of her face.  Sadly it was determined that she has a tumor as the swelling is not fluid, it is her bone being pushed out.  Sadly there was nothing that can be done except relieve her pain through the Last Act of Kindness.

The vet examined Blue to evaluate his laminitis issues, and he was happy to report that he doesn’t seem to be experiencing pain, but will need extra hoof care to keep everything under control.  Blue’s adopter was delighted by the news.

Sam has a home lined up and we are so excited for him.  He had to have his health certificate and coggins test done too.

Sebastian was hanging out in his pen taking a rest.

Tawnee told him it was time to get up.  He got up and stretched, what could be so important to disturb his nap?

Brittany reminded him that it was his surgery day.  He was going to be gelded.

In no time at all he was laid out in la-la land and his gelding operation was underway.  Steven was really not too happy about having to hold him through the whole operation.

Before long he was a gelding resting peacefully, letting the drugs wear off.

He is such a beautiful gelding and he is ready to be placed in adoption pending.  He is an almost 2 year old Quarter Pony.  It was a long busy day but a lot of animals were examined by the vet and a whole lot got done.

Thank you all for your support each and every day.