We have great news for California: the ag-gag bill is no longer on the table.  Due to obvious violations of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, the Ca legislator wisely decided not to even vote on the Ag-Gag bill that was sponsored by the California Cattlemen’s Association.  Read the article for more information, click here.

The staff are making requests that Popin become a resident rooster.  He is such an adorable little guy and he brightens up everyone’s day when he is there waiting to meet and greet the staff.

Really was adopted and his new dad was so excited to be bringing him home.

He hopped in the trailer a little hesitantly, but realized that everything was just fine.  We are so glad that is has found his forever home.

We have decided to build electric fencing around the sprinklers to keep them safe from the horses.  We hope it works great!

While the humans were slaving away, solving irrigation issues, the horses were all peacefully grazing, enjoying the beautiful green fields without a worry in the world.

Thank you all for your support!