In the last blog we announced that we are taking our Last Act of Kindness program national.  We will still be hosting the free Last Act of Kindness clinics on a monthly basis at our shelter, but anyone in the United States can contact us for assistance through the National Last Act of Kindness fund.  Thanks to your generosity that fund now has $764 in it, enough to provide this loving gift to 5 horses.  Those are 5 horses who never know the horrors of the slaughter house.  To learn more about the program, click here.

As you know, you can never make everyone happy, and we don’t try.  We simply do what we know is right for each horse that comes into our shelter.  We usually don’t address critics, but from time to time we do to clear up any confusion.

After we released Cordelia’s video, an individual by the name of Kelly Blevins posting in the comments: “Kelly Blevins – If they actually spent some of the money they take in on the horses then it could have been saved. How did they euthanize this horse ? take it in the back and shoot it like others.”  We were very confused by his comment, as we have 4 euthanasia technicians on our staff, and a vet tech, and we do not shoot horses to euthanize them.  We would only shoot a horse in an extreme emergency situation.  We spend thousands and thousands of dollars every month caring for the horses that we rescue.  Cordelia had her coffin bones sticking through her hooves, there was absolutely nothing that could be done medically for her.

We looked a little more into Kelly’s Facebook wall where we found a dedicated post about us, and quickly found out why he believes we shoot horses and are a bad organization.  He has us confused with AAA Equine Rescue, who was founded after we denied the founder from adopting from us due to some very concerning animal history.  After being denied she decided she was going to start her own rescue.  It wasn’t long until horses needed to be rescued from the “rescue.”  We documented as much as we could, turning it over to law enforcement  and finally the horses were seized.  Kelly links to the news article and seems to believe that we are the same organization.  He stated: “Seems as though Horse Humane Plus has been a bad little org.  http://www.orovillemr.com/ci_16824716?IADID=Search-www.orovillemr.com-www.orovillemr.com…”

The news article he links to has nothing to do with our organization, it even states the name of the organization, which is clearly not us.  If you would like to read the article, click here.  It is always so sad when people like Kelly, who lives thousands of miles away and works at a hair salon, don’t know the facts, and try to damage the reputation of an organization they truly know nothing about.  So much more could be accomplished if animal activists concentrated on saving animals and not spreading lies, slanders and rumors.  The animals are truly the ones that suffer when animal lovers start attacking each other.  It is the goal of the pro-slaughter groups to get Animal Welfare people to quarrel between themselves, so they can sit back and do their dirty work with ease.

When AAA Equine Rescue was still operating, we found out about some horses that were going to be shot because they were too skinny.  We sent a rescuer in undercover and got amazing footage of the founder talking about how her husband takes the horses to the rendering plant and shoots them one by one in the trailer.  Thankfully we were able to save the horse she is standing in front of.  She was brought back to health and adopted into a loving home. To read all about that, click here.  To watch the undercover video, click here.

After AAA Equine Rescue was shut down, a lot of her friends were very upset with us and launched into a campaign of slander and lies, which is still going on to this day.  They have been saying for years that we are being investigated by the Attorney General of California, which if we are, we know nothing about and would have no problem with them making sure we are a good organization following the laws.  We just want to urge everyone, if you have questions about our organization, feel free to contact us or come visit.  Someone answers the phone Sunday – Thursday, 12:00 – 5:00 pm during our business hours.

Now for the happenings at the shelter.   The horses in the lower pasture are enjoying all the beautiful green grass, it’s amazing how much grass 50 acres will grow.

The horses up by the barn have eaten the grass in some of the pasture.  They like to stand there by where the water and humans are, and where the hay is thrown, but they do have access to pasture too.

Steve was busy working Georgia Peach, the Standardbred who came to us from Animal Control.  She is used to pulling a cart, and was used for cart racing, so she knows how to stop, back and turn, but she’s never had a rider on her back.

She was extremely easy to tack up, she is used to that, but the saddle is quite different.  She was trying to figure out where the rest of the harness was and why that big thing is on her back.

Steve hopes to have her under saddle soon, so she can start her new career in life as a riding horse.  It’s so sad that so many horses are thrown away from the racing industry.  She raced, earned money, and then was abandoned when Animal Control found her.

Meanwhile, miles away, Jason was doing a favor for Home at Last Sanctuary.  These two horses were surrendered to Home at Last, and they needed to be moved to a foster home.  They loaded up without too much trouble and soon enough…

…they were grazing in the large pen at their foster home.  It’s always so good when organizations can work together for the betterment of horses.  It’s a win-win for the animals we all care about!

Thank you all so much for your generosity in support our organization.   The lives your donations save are priceless.