Thanks to your generosity the National Last Act of Kindness Fund is over $1,000 now!  The next scheduled Last Act of Kindness clinic is scheduled for May 12th at our shelter.  During the clinic anyone can surrender any horse with a waived surrender fee.  Each horse will be evaluated for adoptability.  Anyone across the nation can apply for these funds at any time if they have a horse that needs humane euthanasia to relieve its suffering, but they cannot afford it.  We still need to raise the remainder of the funds, please do what you can to help: click here.

Out in the pasture Miu Miu and Marcus are enjoying the sunshine.  It is so cute watching them play together.  It is interesting the size difference, Miu Miu is from a hoarding case, the horses were very inbred and many of them are stunted.  Marcus (on the right) is actually younger than Miu Miu, but he sure is a lot bigger already.  His conformation is a lot nicer too.  Miu Miu is a cute little girl though.

Steve worked on evaluating the auction horses.  Candy is such a beautiful big mare, she rides nicely and is already in adoption pending.  We are so happy for her!

Steven also worked with Foxy, who was a little apprehensive about him at first, but after he found that perfect place to scratch her, she became his friend.

She is a beautiful Paso mare.  She is 12 years old and does nicely under saddle.

She is available for adoption, and won’t last long.  If you are looking for a nice smooth riding horse, we encourage you to put the adoption hold on her.  To learn more, click here.

Shawnee and Knickers were going out so Shawnee could eat some grass and Knickers could explore.

Knickers is such an adorable little baby.

She is so curious of her new world, you can see her taking it all in and trying to figure it all out.

We posted a cute little video about Knickers that you will want to see.  It is just so cute!  Click here.

On Saturday night we rescued what was said to be a wild black broodmare pony at the auction.  Sunday when Jason and Tawnee picked them up they realized that “she” was a gelding and he wasn’t wild at all.

He had a very different look to him, and appeared to be gaited.

Tawnee couldn’t help but smile when he tacked up so nicely, so much for being a wild broodmare.

He has a very different gait than we have seen before, and we believe he is possibly an Icelandic Horse.  They are so rare that we have never had one in our shelter before.

We uploaded a video of him so you can see his gaits.  If you have any idea of what breed he is, we are definitely interested in knowing.  To watch his video, click here.

The days are getting longer and so much is done with the longer days.  It is definitely a nice change.

Thanks to your support we have had 156 rescues this year!  That’s a lot of animals that have been saved in only 114 days.