The horses in the Extreme Rescue Makeover are coming along amazingly well.  The trainers are doing a great job with them and our Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale is about a month away.  We are all so excited and gearing up for this exciting event.

We want to invite you, our followers and supporters, to come to the event and support the trainers who have stepped up to take unhandled, rescued horses and train them to be wonderful riding companion horses.  We all need to show our support to these trainers and thank them for their hard work and dedication in helping rescued horses.  Please sign up to attend the event on May 26th at 1:00 pm, click here to let us know you will be coming.

Back in June 2012 we rescued a poor bedraggled looking gelding.  He was so skinny and sad looking.

A month later he looked like a completely different horse.  He was gaining weight nicely and had gotten his spirit and personality back.

We worked very hard on finding a home for him, and he was lucky enough to go back to his original home, who trained him to ride, that he had left many years before.  We just got an update on Rook which reads: “Hi everyone – I wanted to send you a brief update on Rook who came back….. in December. As you can see in the picture, Rook has really blossomed and his former training is coming through! These pictures were taken just last Sunday at a schooling show. Enjoy! Thanks for all the good work you do!”  Now he is truly home forever.

At the shelter Blue’s adoptive mom came out to spend some time with him.  Blue is a very good boy, and his mom is so happy with him.  She can’t wait to bring him home.

As we’ve mentioned in the blog before Steve has been working with Georgia Peach to get her trained under saddle.

She is such a good girl and tacks up so nicely.  She has correlated being saddled as the same process as being tacked up with a harness back in her racing days.

Steve felt she was finally ready to have a rider on her back.  She was a very calm girl as he began to put weight on her back.

Tawnee walked beside Georgia Peach for the first few minutes of riding.  Being she was trained to pull a cart she knows how to stop, back and turn, it’s just different having a person on her back rather than having a cart behind her.

Georgia did excellent, no bucking, just very calm and taking in this whole new chapter of her life.

After the riding it was time a nice bath.  She really enjoyed herself, it was quite a warm day.

Georgia Peach is looking for her forever home.  Of course Steve is planning on putting more time on her, but someone who is experienced with horses should have no problem finishing her training.

Thank you all for your support!