We are gearing up for the Extreme Rescue Grand Finale which is a month away!  The great big check arrived, we all wonder who’s name is going to be written on it for the $5,000 grand prize.  There are so many amazing trainers that are working so hard with the horses, no doubt the judges will have a difficult decision to make.

Knickers and her mom are now in an outdoor paddock with a run-in.  She thinks she is quite the big girl hanging out where she can see other big horses across the fence walking around.

She is just so adorable and so curious.  Her mom is gaining her weight nicely, we were worried about her when she came to us from Animal Control because she was so thin, but she is doing wonderful.

Shawnee is such a good mom and takes great care of little Knickers.

In the hay barn one of the big roosters was snuggled up for a nap.  Apparently one of the roosters started crowing too early in the morning and disturbed his sleep cycle.  He was off in a corner, no doubt he didn’t want anyone to know he was taking a little nap.

When he heard Tawnee he perked right up as if pretending he wasn’t actually sleeping.

Then he got up and started walking around a little bit.  He tried to pretend he wasn’t sleeping, but by his sleepy walk it was obvious he was caught napping.

We are trying to read Georgia Peach’s tattoo number.  She is an off the track Standardbred, and we are trying to find out her real identity and history.  We have sent the readable tattoo numbers off to the registry and hopefully they will be able to identify her for us.

Later in the afternoon Jason and Tawnee hit the road to go pick up a horse that was surrendered.

When they arrived the sun was setting and the chestnut horse was against the red barn.  It made his reddish coat look even redder.

Traveler was a good boy as Tawnee led him out to the trailer.

He stepped right in…

…and looked a little wide eyed wondering where he was headed.

Then it was the long drive back, they arrived long after dark.

Thank you all for your support!