The National Last Act of Kindness fund is currently at $1,179 thanks to your donations.  The next scheduled Last Act of Kindness clinic at our shelter is scheduled for May 12th, but nationwide owners who have need of this service can apply at any time.  Please consider helping to get the thermometer to the top!  Click here.

The irrigation water is flowing at the shelter.  Over the winter the horses have demolished the sprinkler systems.  Now Jason and Steve are busy fixing them up and getting them operating properly again.

Sunday Jason was busy cutting, gluing and screwing sprinkler heads where they belong.  This year we have an idea of what we’re doing.  Last year when we moved into this amazing facility the irrigation was turned on late, and the grass was already dead.  Once they did turn it on it took a long time to figure out how the whole system worked.  We are hoping to have better success this year as the grass is still green, and if we keep it watered, it will stay green.

Steven has decided to adopt Popin the rooster.  Many of our followers agreed that he should become a permanent resident at the shelter.  He is just so personable!

No one has ever seen a little rooster like him.  He is affectionate and loving.  He wants to be with people all the time.  Jason entertained Popin by showing him himself in his iPhone. Popin was quite amazed that there is another rooster that looks just like him!

Steve has a little buddy now that perches on the desk and watches him work.  Popin is very good about going to the bathroom and seems to always go outside when nature calls.

The horses are definitely enjoying the warmer weather, but we know that before long it is going to be hot.  Air Ivy, aka Rodger, an off the track Standardbred brought to us by Animal Control, loves eating.  That is very good as he came to us underweight.  Once he is up to weight Steve plans on getting him under saddle.

Out in the big barn, where the bedding is stored, some of the roosters were busy fluffing around looking for good things to eat.  At any given time of day when you walk past there, you are bound to see some roosters hard at work.

We had a person donate a whole pile of nicely packaged horse blankets.  Thank you so much for donating them, we really appreciate it!  We won’t need them until next winter, but they will be sure to come in quite handy.

We got a check from Save Mart, which issues the SHARES cards we tell you about every once in awhile.  Using the card is free for you, and the grocery store will donate a percentage of every purchase.  Keep swiping that card, it really helps!

If you don’t have a SHARES card, and you shop at Save Mart, Smart Foods, Food Maxx or Lucky, we urge you to please ask for a card from us, the stores do not issue the cards directly, but give them to nonprofits to distribute.  The more cards that are being swiped, the more funds will come in for animals in need.  To request a card, please contact us and provide your name and mailing address.  Click here.

Thank you all for your support every day!