We have an exciting announcement about a Petfinder contest.  You and your cat could help save horses!  Petfinder is doing the Funniest Cat Contest, enter a photo or video of your cat in all his hilarious glory for a chance to win a $250 gift card for you and a $4,500 donation to the Petfinder adoption group of your choice, that would be us, Horse Plus Humane Society!  For more information and to enter your cat in this contest, click here.  After entering your cat, please send us your cat’s name so we can search for your cat in the list.

Tuesday morning some of the adoptable horses were enjoying hanging out together and grazing.  We can’t possibly thank each of you that is a shelter sponsor.  You make this 50 acre facility possible for the horses.  The horses send you a great big “Thank you!” too.

The mares and foals are enjoying their large green pasture.  The babies are having fun running and bucking.  One of our soon to be adopters found out her neighbor is considering breeding her horse.  She told them that there are so many unwanted horses, but they want a baby.  If anyone just wants a baby horse, please be aware, you do not need to breed a horse to to get a baby, there are lots of baby horses and pregnant mares at shelters, Animal Control’s, rescues, and auctions all over that need a home.

Shawnee is enjoying being a mother.  She has not been put out with the other mares and foals as she will be heading to her new home soon and we didn’t want them to bond with the other mares and foals, no reason to make their separation hard.

Knickers is just so adorable.  She has the longest whiskers around her lips.

Braveheart and Ironman are waiting for the big gelding day to come.

Steve and Tawnee were working with them to get them halter trained so the gelding operation will be easier and less stressful for both horse and human.  Steve was working specifically with Ironman, gaining his confidence quickly.

Tawnee was working with Braveheart.  He is not as trusting as Ironman, but Tawnee did build confidence with him a lot and was finally able to touch him on his nose.  That’s a start!

Meanwhile, in the next stall, Steve is able pet and scratch Ironman all over his upper body.  He is definitely more outgoing and less fearful.

In the roundpen Pirate was waiting to be evaluated for his riding abilities.

Pirate is one of the horses we rescued from the auction 8 days ago.  He has an eye injury, he is not blind in that eye but possibly has cloudy vision.  We believe that it is an older eye injury and he is fine to be evaluated.  We are still waiting for our vet to determine exactly what is going on with his eye.  Pirate tacked up very nicely.

He let Steve get on his back easily, and was a very good boy.  He is a young horse, only about 4 years old, but someone has spent a lot of time with him on ground work and preparation for riding.

He is still very green and needs an experienced horse person to finish his training.

He is going to be an awesome horse!  He is a very gorgeous boy.  We believe that he is an Arabian / Quarterhorse cross.  He is really blossoming in the short time he has been with us.

Only 8 days ago we rescued him at the auction.  As you can see his coat was drab, and his ribs were visible.

This photo was taken with the same camera, and it’s amazing the difference that can be seen.  We are guessing that he was being trained to ride, he got an the eye injury, and his life went downhill after that.  He ended up somewhere where he wasn’t being fed properly, and was then dumped at the auction.  Now he is safe and is blossoming once again.

Thank you all for your support each and every day!