Tuesday morning Jason was on the road picking up horses that were scheduled to come into the shelter.

The first horse was Faysad, a 23 year old Arab.  He was a good boy and got right into the trailer when his mom asked him too.

On the way to the next horse there was a bit of a commotion.  Jason couldn’t figure out what was going on, but the person who was being checked out by the firefighters was led away by the police.  There’s almost always something interesting along the way.

The next horse was being surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program, funded by your generous donations.  This poor horse had huge medical problems.

Back at the shelter everyone was excited.  In the last blog we mentioned Air Ivy.  His original mom saw him on our blog, and couldn’t believe that her beloved horse that she had been looking for was at our shelter.  She called up so excited, and was so eager to come up and get him.  She had placed him into a wonderful home, where he would be well cared for, and they agreed that he would come back to her if they could not longer care for him.  Sadly, the new owner died, and before she found out about it, someone had come in and taken Air Ivy and the other horses away.  She was so worried about him after he disappeared.

We got Air Ivy ready for the reunion to meet with his mom.  He still has a shabby coat, he had an extreme parasite load when he came to us, but he is looking so much better.

You can see in Animal Control’s intake photo how skinny and bedraggled the poor guy was.  His ribs are visible under his thick winter coat.

His new mom arrived, and with cameras rolling their emotional reunion was recorded.  It is very heart touching and a must watch.  It will put a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.  To watch the video, click here.

It was so neat reuniting Air Ivy with his mom.  It has happened a few times at our shelter, and every time it does it is so exciting.

Air Ivy’s mom also adopted his best friend: Georgia Peach.  We are so happy to see them go to such a good home together.

She was actually planning on donating a lot of tack to our shelter, before discovering that Air Ivy was at our shelter.  Arrangements were being made for us to pick it up, but when she came to adopt Air Ivy she brought the tack up.  She had 3 beautiful saddles, this one is the most costly at $2,500 when she got it.  The other two are very nice saddles as well, a show saddle and an antique collectible saddle from the 1940’s.

By this time Jason was returning with the two horses in the trailer.

The poor little mare with all the medical problems unloaded first.  She is so skinny and frail, her body is giving out on her quickly.  Her owner wanted to wait a couple more weeks before bringing her into the Last Act of Kindness program, but her health started declining so quickly she knew she couldn’t wait.

A nice stall was waiting for her with food and water.  She walked around a bit and then laid down, enjoying her yummy LMF senior feed.  She has a huge cancerous tumor that actually completely destroyed her left eye and started protruding out of her face.  If you would like to see the image (we won’t show it on our blog due to its graphic nature) click here.  We are thankful that our Last Act of Kindness program is there for horses like this and that her suffering did not have to continue, and her last moments were happy ones.

It was a beautiful evening at the shelter.  Blue and Foxy happened to pose just right for a beautiful silhouette picture.

Thanks to your support we are able to help horses like the Arab and the mare in today’s blog.  Without you, they very likely would have suffered a long, lingering death or entered the slaughter pipeline.  Thank you!