We have some terrible news.  There is a donkey roping competition planned for this Saturday, May 4th in Sonora, Texas.  Donkeys will be roped and tortured for entertainment as part of a fundraising event benefiting Combat Marine Outdoors. Torturing donkeys is not the way to support the Marines!

In the past thanks to YOUR calls we have gotten donkey roping events cancelled and with your help we can put a stop to this one too!

Please make a brief, polite phone call to the organizers of this event and ask them to please cancel the donkey roping part of the event. The numbers to call are: 325-387-3244,  325-226-4450 and 713-857-6713.

Call the Consuelo Ranch who is hosting the event and ask them not to do donkey roping at their event, be brief and polite: 325-387-3346

Call Combat Marine Outdoors and politely tell them that donkey roping is extremely abusive to donkeys, donkeys can easily get their necks and legs broken when being roped. Donkeys are very intelligent, and the abuse they receive will scar them for life. Thank them for their service to our country, be brief and polite: 713-419-6023 After calling them email them as well.
Colonel Alan Orr – President

Rusty Hicks – Excutive Director

Arturo Garcia – Programs Director

We asked people on Facebook to post on Combat Marine Outdoor’s Facebook page and ask them not to torture donkeys.  They deleted the posts, banned everyone and disabled commenting on their page, and then deleted their entire Facebook page.  As one of our followers put it so well “Can’t man up! Oh, let’s just delete the post and pretend it never happened.  Sad excuse.”  We feel now the only way to help these donkeys is to take it to the media.  Please contact the following TV stations in Houston and tell them about the situation.

KHOU – 713-526-1111

KTRK – 713-666-0713

KRIV – 713-479-2801

Please make the calls, emails, and forward this on to anyone that can help. Together we can put a stop to this another donkey roping event!

CBS did another story in their series on horse slaughter.  They visited the labs at UC Davis and talked with them about why horses should never enter the food chain because of the harmful drugs they receive.  It is a very news story, you can learn more and watch the video by clicking here.

Wednesday morning at the shelter the roosters were of course up and crowing, making sure everyone knew it was time to get busy.

The irrigation is quite the project.  It has pretty good pressure as you can tell, here the line is being blown out to make sure all the dirt is out.  Our irrigation is gravity flow from the source.  It makes it nice because we don’t have to pay to pump water to the pastures.

Judylynn had a surprise when she arrived at the office.  This great big 4′ snake was trying to check himself in at the shelter.  Judylynn told him we don’t accept self-surrendered snakes, but she found a very nice place in the grass where he could go.

Wednesday is our special project day, and Larry lined Hugo up with cleaning all the stalls down to dirt and putting fresh bedding down.

Load after load of clean fresh bedding was brought into the stalls and spread nicely.

Jason was busy doing maintenance and making sure everything is working nicely at the office.

We had one of the little roosters adopted.  His new mom was tickled pink to have him.

He is such a cute little guy and he will be a good little alarm clock for her.

We had a nice lady come out who is interested in Bella.  She is thinking about it, we are hoping that Bella will be in adoption pending soon.  Bella is such a pretty girl!

After Jason and Tawnee were done working at the shelter, they met up with Jim from Home at Last Sanctuary and hit the road.  It was an enjoyable car ride with rescue stories, reminiscing and trying to solve the world’s animal problems.

They were headed to a judges meeting for the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest on May 26th.  Meet the judges of the competition: Jim, Maggie and Dee.  All of them are very experienced with animal rescue, horses, and are lifetime animal advocates.  We are excited to have such great judges.  If you would like to be a part of this event and volunteer, please contact us.

Thank you all for your support!