Horse kisses are the best!  Pirate is looking for a loving home, he is the sweetest horse around and just loves people! Pirate is a green-broke, 4 year old Arabian / Quarterhorse cross, gelding. If you are interested in giving this lovely horse a home please let us know.  You should watch this video of Pirate giving Steve kisses on the cheek.  It is a very sweet video: click here.

First thing Thursday we had a horse with a lot of medical problems surrendered to the shelter.

He was put in a nice clean stall and hopefully we will be able to get to the bottom of his ailments,and do the right thing for him, even if that means the last act of kindness.

Lydia was busy cleaning the saddles that were donated recently.  She did an excellent job on them, really making them shine.

Out in the pasture everything is so beautiful.  The mares and foals are enjoying romping through the lush green grass.  Prada was taking care of Miu Miu and Marcus, giving Marcus’ mom a break.

Shadow, one of the resident mini’s, is going to have to say goodbye to his donkey buddy soon.  The donkey is going home on Sunday!  In the background you can see the mares and foals, and Marcus’ mom far away getting a break from her baby.

Steven has been working very hard getting the sprinklers up and going, one by one he is having good success.

Popin continues to put a smile on everyones face.  Today he was checking out Tawnee’s office, making sure it is kept clean and orderly.

Tawnee was hard at work trying to stop the donkey roping event in Texas, making phone calls and networking with other animal welfare organizations.  Popin approved of her work.  Tawnee says it was nice to have the little guy keeping her company while she worked.

As of Friday morning when the blog is written we have been hearing rumors that the donkey roping has been canceled. We are working on confirming this, so far the organizers are unavailable for comment at this time, but our supporters have received reports from them directly that due to the public outcry the donkey roping has been canceled. If anyone can confirm that this has been canceled we would love to hear about it!

We want to thank you all for your calls and doing your part to put an end to cruelty. Donkeys deserve better!  Have a wonderful weekend!