Our Last Act of Kindness clinic is scheduled for this Sunday, the 12th, and we need your help to reach our goal!  So far we have raised $1,239 out of a needed $2,500.  Please do what you can to help, click here.

Sunday Cisco, Maddie, and Loki were loaded up in the trailer to head to their new home.  Their new mom was so excited!  She has been patiently waiting for her adoption application to be approved, and today was their big day.

They arrived at their new home and the big door way opened.  They looked out with wonder and amazement.

In no time at all they were peacefully grazing in their new pasture.  We are so happy for them!  Loki and Maddie came to us as owner surrenders back in October, and we rescued Cisco from an auction in September as a wild little jack.  He is now a happy trained to lead gelding and is a real little sweet heart.

Steve was busy working on the horses hooves, making sure that everyone is OK.

At the end of the day Jenny was wondering where her other donkey friends had gone.  She is in adoption pending and will be going to her new home soon.


 Monday it was a rainy day, which gave a chance for a lot of paperwork and office work to get done.

At our last staff meeting we discussed a color coding system for Hugo.  Many times Jason and Tawnee do rescues that bring them back long after Hugo has gone home for the night, and this way he will know how to care for the horses in the morning before our shelter manager has a chance to tell him.

While Judylynn was hard at work at the office, Steven was in the barn spending time with the horses while the rain came pouring down.  The horses love being groomed and scratched!

Sometimes you hit the right spot and you can tell the horses are really enjoying themselves.

Thank you all for your support!