Tuesday morning the sisters were saying “Hello.”  They are both such beautiful girls and we would love to find them a home together.  They are full blooded registered Paint horses.

Tuesday was the vet day.  Candy was being evaluated by the vet, but Pirate just knew that his eye needed to be looked at.  He had heard everyone talking about it and he couldn’t figure out why the vet wasn’t looking at it.

He decided that some gentle nudging might persuade the vet to check him out.  He is the same horse that was giving Steven horse kisses in the video, he is very affectionate and knows how to get someones attention.  If you didn’t see that video, click here.  The vet examined his eye and found that he has an old injury.  He is A-Ok, and has a little cloudiness, but it isn’t causing him any trouble.

Foxy needed to get her teethe done, so she was sedated and had her teethe floated.

It will definitely help her out.  When a horse’s teethe get sharp jagged edges it prevents them from chewing their food properly.  Floating teethe involves grinding down the sharp jagged edges so the horse can once again eat with ease and comfort.

9 horses were evaluated, and a whole lot more got done.  We would like to thank our wonderful vet and vet tech for doing some good work at the shelter.  And thank you all for your support that makes this all possible.