In the lower pasture we have 3 adorable donkeys who would love to find a forever home together.  They are the best of buddies!  They are Jack, Shadow and Dusty.  They are all curious and friendly, Jack just especially loves people so much.

Foxy, the Paso mare, is still available for adoption.  The potential adoption wasn’t the right match, so she is available again.  She has buddied up with Rino U, and they really enjoying hanging out together.  Rino U is looking for a home as well.  He has gotten over much of his lameness that he came to us from the auction with.  He might only be a pasture pet, but given more time he may be rideable.

Sunday, Mother’s day, was one of the hottest Mother’s day in history.  One of the staff’s dog took advantage of a water trough to cool off every chance he could get.

On Monday Shadow, one of the resident mini’s, gave us all a big scare.  He had a horrible case of colic! Judylynn took him into the office with her so she could keep a close eye on him and kept him moving every minute she got.  A call to the vet was made and the vet gave advice and doses for medication to keep him comfortable until he arrived.

Everywhere Judylynn went  Shadow had to go too.  Poor little guy, he felt so miserable.

The other horses were all very concerned, they could tell he wasn’t feeling very good at all.  They were all trying to say “Hang in there little guy, you’ll get better soon!”

Shawnee’s mom drove about 800 miles round trip to take Shawnee and Knicker’s home.   She was so excited to meet them and Shawnee was happy too.

Knickers is such a cute little girl.  She was a bit shy and didn’t want to pose with her new mom.  Adoption papers were signed and everyone was so excited.

Shawnee decided she was not going to load into their trailer and requested a bigger one.  Judylynn had told them to bring a stock trailer, but the only trailer they had was a 2 horse straight load, with the divider out, but Shawnee was not going to get into the trailer.  So, they gave her one last hug and promised to come back with a bigger trailer.  It’s going to 1,600 miles of driving to finally get Shawnee and Knickers home.  We are so thankful for their dedication to Shawnee and Knickers and we know they will have many happy years together in the future, they just have to find a way to get her home.

By this time Shadow was told the vet was almost there.

The vet got right to work making Shadow feel better.  All in all the vet made two trips out, and Shadow had to be tubed twice.  As of Tuesday morning when the blog was written Shadow is doing great.

The Last Act of Kindness clinic was on Sunday.  All in all 10 horses were surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program for the month.  Thank you all for your donations, they really helped bring peace to so many horses.  The owners of the horses were so thankful that we have this program, many people simply cannot afford the $300-$700 it costs to humanely euthanize a horse.  Please remember that our Last Act of Kindness program is national, if you have a horse that is in need of euthanasia and cannot afford it, or you know someone who is considering taking their horse to an auction, selling it to a killer buyer, or the horse has poor health, please refer them to us.  We can help!