Wednesday is our special project day at the shelter.  Steve was out getting things together he needed for his big project.  He was putting it all onto the 4 wheeler.

Before long he was headed out with it all securely tied down and ready to work.  He was going to spend all day on irrigation getting as much going as he could.

He drove away and everyone knew they wouldn’t see him for awhile.

Hugo was busy loading junk on the gator.  He went around taking down old fencing in the lower 30 acres and did fence maintenance.  The gator was definitely loaded down when he came back.

Shadow is thankfully doing A-OK.  He gave us such a big scare with his colic.  We are so thankful that he is ok, colic can come without a moments notice and take a precious life so quickly.

While Judylynn was out working she spotted a little nest.

Inside the nest are 4 beautiful little eggs.

After a little bit the mommy bird came back and sat on her eggs.  It is such a cute, adorable little nest, snuggled right in the leaves.  This is one of the trees we transplanted from the old shelter when we moved.  It is so nice to be able to provide trees for the precious little birds to nest in.

Steve was busy getting irrigation going.  He worked on some of the runs we didn’t get going last year.  They had been sitting for years without water flowing through them.  He had to dig down, fix broken pipes, and do all kinds of hard work.

Finally he was able to turn the valve to see if it would work.  Sure enough, there was water spraying out of sprinklers all the way from the pond to the big barn!

You can tell where Steve has had the irrigation going longer as it is still nice and green.  Great work Steve, your hard work and dedication on the irrigation system is paying off with green grass.

Candy and Tess are hanging out in the barn.  We have them both lined up to go to a sanctuary together.  We are so excited for them!

Parcy and Shadow the cow came up to inspect the hard work Steve put into the irrigation system.  They decided that he did a good job and gave their moo of approval.

In the evening Steve, Judylynn, Tawnee and a volunteer headed out to do the evening chores and make sure all the horses are OK for the night.  Steve has been working with Sandy on picking up her feet.

She is doing very well and will let him pick up her feet without a halter or leadrope on her. She is such a sweet girl and really loves attention.

It was a beautiful evening and it was fun spending time with the horses.

Sandy watched the sun set over the hills putting an end to the long and busy day.

Thank you all so much for your support!  We really appreciate it, and the horses appreciate it too.