Thursday found Steve hard at work once again.

His mission was to dig down where there was a big broken pipe and get it fixed.  Traveler was quite fascinated and curious about what was up with this silly human.  Horses no doubt always wonder about the strange things they see us humans doing.  We asked our Facebook fans to caption this and we think the funniest one is: “One Nudge…. Just one nudge!!!!”

After a lot of digging the broken pipe was finally exposed.

Then Steven would get the right part from his supply.

A bit of glue and primer, and it was put back together all fixed up.

Meanwhile out back the horses were getting fitted with fly masks.  There seems to be a huge misunderstanding with fly masks in the human population who does not come into contact with horses.  Fly masks are not blinders, preventing horses from seeing, rather the horses are able to see out of the fly masks just fine.  It is a woven mesh that keeps the flies off of their eyes.

Shadow had a rooster stop by to tell him he is glad that he is feeling better.  When a horse gets colic, which thankfully is very rare at our shelter, the news spreads fast, even to the chickens.

Before Shadow knew it he was sporting a fancy red mini fly mask.  Macho Man stuck his head through the panel as if to say “Hey, that’s not fair, I need one too!”

In no time at all the other mini’s, Dottie, Macho Man and Jenny (who is in adoption pending) all had their little fly masks on.

In the late afternoon some big dark clouds rolled over the hills towards the shelter.  Everyone was prepared for some rain that would no doubt hit later on in the evening.

We do have need of some more full size fly masks.  We have lots of mini and yearling sized masks, but could definitely use some more full size horse fly masks.  Horse.com has some great deals, but used in good condition works great too!  If you have any you would like to send us, or you would like to order some for us, our shipping address is: Horse Plus Humane Society, 1944 Robinson Mill Rd, Bangor Ca 95914