We are all gearing up for the Extreme Rescue Grand Finale contest on May 26th at the Taylorsville, Ca, arena at 1:00 pm.  We are so excited about this, and anxiously waiting to see the progress first hand of the horses and trainers.  6 months ago we started placing the horses with the trainers, and they have made spectacular progress.

Last year we rescued quite a number of unhandled, untrained horses.  It has been so amazing watching their progress since we rescued them.  This is Diamond, who was the skinniest horse in the group.

After rehabbing him he was placed into the Extreme Rescue Makeover program.  He was placed with a great trainer.

Kirsty has done such an amazing job with Diamond.  All of our staff are so proud of Diamond’s success, going from an emaciated horse that was on the verge of death to a healthy well trained horse who has an amazing future.

Daisy was rescued at an auction when she refused to load into a trailer.  She was unhandled and untrained, and apparently, we believe, she was roped, choked down so they could get a halter on her, and they let her thrash herself into exhaustion while trying to load her.

Poor Daisy was confused, rearing and fighting the rope, trying to escape her unknown future.

She finally became so exhausted that she partially collapsed, but she still refused to get into the trailer.

After she was completely exhausted she collapsed on the ground and her owner and auction workers looked around, wondering what to do now.  We stepped in and bought her from her new owner for more than he had paid for her just a few hours before, there was no way we could stand by and let the abuse continue.  When she was rested she loaded gently into our trailer with a small herd of her friends.  To see the video of Daisy right before we rescued her, click here.

Daisy’s trainer, Mindy, worked hard on overcoming her trauma she received with some of her first human contact.  She is doing great and we look forward to seeing her at the Finale.

Miracle Moon was completely feral and has now come so far working with her trainer.  The trainers have been working with the horses, trying to get them used to anything a normal horse might encounter.  You never know when someone will want to ride in the rain holding bright red umbrella!  This competition is not about horses jumping through firing hoops, it’s about horses loading into trailers, standing calmly for the vet and other basic day to day activities that horses need to be able to do.

Judy has done amazing with Miracle Moon and we are so excited to be able to see her progress first hand at the Grand Finale!

Charmer was completely unhandled and untrained.  She has come so far with her trainer too.  Nikki has been working so hard with her.

Willow’s trainer, Tara, has worked a lot on trail trials and is doing amazing.

Candle’s trainer, Amy, enjoys taking Candle on long trail rides and getting ready for the Grand Finale.

Royal’s trainer, Megan, has worked a lot on desensitizing Royal on all kinds of things she may encounter in life.

There are many more trainers that are coming to the Grand Finale, they are all working very hard to hopefully win the $5,000 grand prize.  We believe they all deserve it and wish all could have that!  Come show your support and see the amazing work the trainers and horses have been putting in over the last 6 months.  Come up for the event, it’s about a 2 hour drive from Oroville near Greenville.  It’s a beautiful drive and it will be worth attending!

Please let us know if you are coming to the event so we can make appropriate plans.  If you would like to volunteer at the event please let us know too.