Sunday morning two horses were put in the trailer.  Tess and Candy wondered where they were going.

They hit the road and before long they got to their destination.

Tess and Candy were both going to join the herd at Home at Last Sanctuary.  Candy, the Warmblood in front, is so much bigger than Tess.  They are friends and follow each other around.  Twister, right behind Tess, was so happy to see Tess as they had originally come from the same place.  She was delighted to be reunited again.

Many of you will remember Prissy and Santiago.  They are very happy at Home at Last, and everywhere Santiago is Prissy is sure to be nearby, protecting her “baby.”

Home at Last was having their open house to celebrate the opening of their new barn.  Some of you may remember we asked everyone to vote in last year’s Chase Community Giving contest, and Home at Last won a $50,000 grant.  With this money we are already seeing some huge improvements at their facility and are so excited we could help them.

Back at the shelter Birdena was happy pecking around looking for bits of goodness to eat.  She felt like someone was watching her.

In fact someone had been watching her.  Redneck has fallen comb over spurs for Birdena, and has given up fluffing the horse bedding and decided to make his move.  At first it scared poor Birdena to death as he charged her way.

After a little clucking and cackling they both agreed they wanted to get to know each other and headed to the bar for a couple drinks.

After that they went dancing.  Redneck has found himself quite the little lady, he is a giant compared to her, but they definitely like spending time together and there is definitely an attraction going on.

The horses could care less about Birdena and Redneck being twitterpated.  They just enjoy sitting back, eating their yummy food.  Shawnee and Knickers are doing very well, and are just waiting for the transportation arrangements to be finalized before they can go to their new home.

The sprinklers are doing a great job watering the pastures.

The results in the bare pens are starting to peek out of the ground.

Phoenix enjoys the irrigation too, he just stands in front of the sprinkler and waits for it to come around so he can get sprayed again.  He just loves water.

This beautiful Circle Y saddle was donated to the shelter and is going to be the 2nd place prize for the Extreme Rescue Makeover competition.

April spent a lot of time detailing and oiling the saddle so it looks gorgeous.  She went over it with a toothbrush and got all the nooks and crannies cleaned up.

All of our staff are extremely busy getting ready for the Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale this Sunday.  We hope to see you there!  Just as a reminder, the shelter will be closed Thursday – Monday.