Wednesday morning the rescue rig was all hooked up and ready to roll.  Jason was heading out to pick up a horse that needed to be rescued.

Mile after mile slipped under the wheels as he headed to where the horse had lived for many years.

A very friendly Appy was waiting to meet Jason, with a bandage on her leg.

This mare’s owner, who was a retired vet, had died and none of his family were able to keep her.  We were told by the people who surrendered her to us that she had foundered a couple times.  She was a very good girl and got right into the trailer.

Back at the shelter she enjoyed her nice stall that was waiting for her.  She doesn’t seem to be experiencing any pain in her legs, but she enjoyed being out of the trailer and able to rest easily.

Sammy was surrendered to us, she is a beautiful Arabian / QH mare.

She is 8 1/2 years old.  She is nicely trained to ride, but has been sitting for a year due to an injury, but it’s all healed up now.

She had a horrible barbed wire cut on one of her legs.  It healed but left some terrible scar tissue.  Thankfully it does not affect her movement.

She is a very good girl and followed Steve into her nice clean stall.

Rino U and Sebastian have become friends.  They are so cute together.

Rino is in adoption pending and we hope that Sebastian will be able to tag along to his new home as well.

Remember the 4 little eggs in the nest?  Now there are 4 little hungry babies in the nest.  They are so cute!

Thursday the mare that Jason picked up was settling in nicely, and it was time to check her out more thoroughly.

First of all the ugly old wrap needed to come off.

Her left fore hoof is really cracked and in pretty bad shape.  The wrap didn’t seem to be protecting any injury, it has been on for who knows how long.

She really enjoyed having her legs washed down and was a very good girl about lifting all 4 of her feet.  She had an injury on her hind leg that received some ointment.

Thank you all for your support!  We really appreciate it!