Sunday some visitors came to the shelter for a tour and to meet some of the critters.  The little minis always enjoy meeting visitors and looking for a handout.

The visitors also enjoyed meeting Phoenix and hearing his story.

Monday this horse was surrendered.  He has some lameness problems.  We will have him checked out as we do not want him in chronic pain.

Willow, the third place winner in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest, came to the shelter so we can find her a new home.  She did absolutely amazing at the Grand Finale.  If you would like to adopt her, we recommend putting an adoption hold on her right now.  For more information, click here.  She is not on the adoption page yet, but you can put the $50 hold on her and submit your adoption application.

Tara and Willow would have been in first place but Tara didn’t have internet access to send in video and picture updates, which was part of the competition scoring.  Willow came into the Grand Finale with 41 points.  She did so amazing in the Citizenship, Compulsory and Freestyle that she finished at 3rd place, putting her right up there with the horses that entered the Grand Finale with over 100 points more than her!

Willow’s Freestyle Performance will send chills up and down your spine.  It was so amazing to watch!  To see the Freestyle Performance, click here.

We had taken Viking to the Horse Camp, Makeover and Playday to get him some exposure and get him used to being out and about.  During that time we discovered that he has the behavioral issue of bucking and not letting anyone ride him other than Tawnee.  Tara saw him at the Horse Camp, and was able to spend a little time working on correcting his behavioral issues.  She decided to adopt Viking and give him some more training as she feels that his behavioral issues are correctable.  After his behavioral issues are corrected he’ll be available for adoption as she cannot keep him long term.  Thank you so much Tara for helping the little guy out and giving him a bright future!

Viking loaded up in the trailer and was soon off to his summer school.  We would like to thank all the trainers that participated in the Extreme Rescue Makeover competition, and especially those trainers who are moving on to better the lives of unwanted horses.

Thank you all for your support!  We greatly appreciate it!