Extreme Rescue Makeover – Freestyle Videos 2013

The Freestyle Performance videos have been finished and uploaded for you to enjoy watching.  Some of these horses are still available for adoption, so if you are looking for a well trained horse, watch the videos and you might just find your new horse.

Diamond was trained by Kirsty Meyers, who has been riding horses since she was 6 years old, she has ridden in many disciplines such as, Western, English, and she has driven horses single and pair. She has trained horses to rope, work cows and ranch versatility. She has always wanted to be a horse trainer and is currently working her way to become one. She enjoys reining and cutting.  She trains using the method of natural horsemanship: she wants horses to feel secure around humans and to create a friendship/partnership. She also has a very soft feel and loves to teach her horses how to do anything bridle less. When training she finds what training method works best for the particular horse she is working with, she believes every horse is different and there is no one way to train a horse.  She has ridden with many trainers such as Nick Dowers, Gene Armstrong, Brian, Jim, and Luke Neuburt, Mike Dean, Les Vogte, Paul Barns, Shane Lucore, and Russel Reid who bases their teaching off the Dorence brothers and Ray Hunt.

We would love to add Kirsty to our team and have another trainer at the shelter.  Steve is great at evaluating horses, but he is very busy with farrier, adoptions, irrigation, and a thousand other tasks he does every single day.  The untrained horses at our shelter desperately need a full time trainer who is dedicated to training the untrained, taking them from being unadoptable to highly adoptable horses.  We are asking for you, our supporters, to please consider helping on a monthly basis to sponsor Kirsty to be the shelters full time trainer.  Please consider becoming a sponsor for $5$10 or more a month.  To sponsor click on the amount you would like to sponsor.  If you can sponsor more than the listed amount, please contact us.

Diamond is available for adoption, please contact us if you are interested in adopting him.

To watch Diamond and Kirsty’s Freestyle Performance, click here.

Candle was trained by Amy Stashek.  Amy has been working with horses for over ten years and has experience driving and jumping but specialize in starting colts for careers in reined cow horse and ranch horse versatility. She has studied with many trainers and the teachings of many great horsemen, including Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt and their legacy through others like Bryan Neubert and Buck Brannaman. She has also studied with or the teachings of Les Vogt, Lynn Palm, Nick Dowers, Boyd Rice and Carl Ghould. However, much of my philosophy and exercises are based off of Clinton Anderson and his mentor Ian Francis.  She has training/education and experience as a large animal vet tech and am currently finishing her degree in Equine Science.

Candle has been adopted and found her forever home!

To watch Candle and Amy’s Freestyle Performance, click here.

Charmer was trained by Nicole Kuklo.  Nicole did an amazing job with Charmer, she was complemented by the judges for her calm, peaceful demeanor.  You could tell Charmer trusted her.  She was very busy with school, but spent as much time as she could training Charmer.  You could see the amazing bond between them.

Charmer is available for adoption, please contact us if you are interested in adopting her.

To watch Charmer’s Freestyle Performance, click here.

Miracle Moon was trained by Judy Ruminski.   Judy has started many young and older horses and thought this would be a great way to help horse rescue efforts. She has 4 horses and one pony, two of which they rescued & rehabbed. She raised their kids in 4-h and was a 4-h leader, she also gave lessons for many years.

Miracle Moon has been adopted and found her forever adoptive home!

To watch Miracle Moon’s Freestyle Performance, click here.

Willow won 3rd place!  She was trained by Tara Gallison.  Tara has been training horses since a young age. She has been starting colts and helping problem horses since the age of 14. She played Polo and competed in Eventing through high school. Tara is a certified farrier and enjoys being able to help horses be more comfortable through balancing their feet. A few years ago she discovered the Reining and Reined Cow Horse world and she knew this was the ultimate test for natural horsemanship. These sports inspired her to pursue a higher level of horsemanship. She is currently getting ready to compete on horses she has started and trained for these events. She strives to get her horses respectful, willing, soft, supple, and safe. She works on developing the “thinking side” of the horse’s brain vs. the “reactive side.” She has dedicated a lot of time and energy to learning Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship Method, and uses this method to start colts, help problem horses, and train her show horses for Reining and Reined Cow Horse events.

Willow is available for adoption, please contact us if you are interested in adopting her.

To watch Willow’s Freestyle Performance, click here.

Royal won 2nd place!  She was trained by Megan Hughes.  As a horse trainer and a practitioner trainer,  she use the method of all natural horsemanship, which is a philosophy of working with horses based on the idea of working with the horse’s nature, using an understanding of how horses think and communicate to train the horse to accept humans and work confidently and responsively with her. Her goals are to make the horse feel safe and secure around humans so that the horse and rider can achieve a partnership.

Royal has been adopted by her trainer, we are so happy for her!

To watch Royal’s Freestyle Performance, click here.

Miss Daisy won 1st place!  She was trained by Mindy Konradi.  Mindy of Stockton, CA offers training using Clinton Anderson’s Down Under Horsemanship Methods specializing in colt starting, problem solving, and horse training. Making a horse a soft, supple willing partner you can control with a feather light touch. Contact Mindy Konradi at 209-981-7931 for more information if you would like to have her train your horse.

Daisy has been adopted.

To watch Daisy’s Freestyle Performance, click here.

If you moved to help horses just like these at the shelter, and can help sponsor Kirsty as a full time trainer,  please consider becoming a sponsor for $5$10 or more a month.  To sponsor click on the amount you would like to sponsor.  If you can sponsor more than the listed amount, please contact us.