Western States Horse Expo 2013

Thursday morning Macho Man was loaded into his van and ready to head to the 2013 Western States Horse Expo.  We is always so excited when he finds out he is going to an event, he can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones.

When our staff arrived at the Expo they quickly checked in and found their booth.  As always, it was quite bare, just sitting there waiting for some decorations.

The theme of our booth this year was the Extreme Rescue Makeover.  Some poster boards, a screen playing the Freestyle event videos, information, all in all the booth came together nicely.

Thursday evening Macho Man visited some friends in the Sacramento area and enjoyed helping them mow their lawn.

Friday morning, the first day of the Expo, found Macho Man trying to figure out a way to get some treats.  He thinks that the only reason he goes places is to find yummy things to eat.

There were many truly gorgeous horses at the Expo.

Person after person stopped to see Macho Man, and many of them bought a button with Macho Man’s picture on it to help rescue horses.

The Expo, as always, was packed full of vendors selling all kinds of things, and spreading information about their organization.

At the Purina booth Macho Man enjoyed sampling their feed.  He gives it a “Hoof Up” approval.

Macho Man posed with some service dogs that were in training.  As of 2011 the ADA has decided that only dogs are able to be service animals, so unfortunately until that changes miniature horses will not get the chance to provide that service for people.  As one service animal trainer said “They’re smart enough!”

Macho Man made some great new friends, it’s always amazing how many people stop to pose with the cute little guy.

Friday evening Macho Man got back into his van for a ride to a layover ranch.  He always gets a day off in the middle of the Expo so he doesn’t get worn out.

Sunday morning bright and early they were at it again.  Macho Man and Steven had a little conversation about who was in charge of the plans for the day.

Macho Man got back to work making friends and selling buttons.

In the afternoon he went horse trailer shopping for fun.  Macho Man believes this should be his trailer, as in his mind he is a really big horse…

…but then Macho Man met a couple really big horses and he realized that perhaps he wasn’t the biggest horse at the Expo this year.

All in all the 2013 Western States Horse Expo was a tremendous success and we look forward to following up with all of the great contacts.