We desperately need your help to rescue horses at the next auction rescue.  So far we have raised $205 for the rescue and care of the horses that will be sold at the next auction, many of them slipping into the slaughter pipeline if we do not rescue them.  With your help we can rescue them from that cruel fate.  To help out, click here.

Thanks to those who donated to our auction rescue we saved this poor skinny gelding whom we named Pirate at an auction in April.

Today he is in a wonderful home and his adoptive mom writes: “Pirate’s name is now Ranger. He is doing fabulous… He has begun training and is such a willing and respectful guy it is amazing to watch his progress.  The trainer is coming once a week with me doing ‘homework’ with him for the remainder of five days. His second lesson was today and is the photo with him lunging with the saddle on! No issues!!  He is a super quick learner-he yields his hind quarters, walks and will stop at a moment’s notice behind you, walks, trots and cantered today for the first time while lunging. He is a beautiful horse and new love of my life! Thank you so much for what you do!!”

We would like to thank everyone who donates to our auction rescues.  Our donors are the ones that save horses lives just like Pirate and give them a bright future.

Yesterday was a busy day at the shelter with a couple horses being surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.  One of the horses has severe health problems, but the other horse is this 26 year old Saddlebred with no health problems.  His name is Prince Kona.  He is older but in great health and we would really like to see him find a wonderful new home.  He is in our adoption program and is available for adoption.

Steve was busy trimming Freckles hooves, and you could tell from her face that she was thoroughly enjoying it.  She thought she was at a spa.

Many of you may remember how one of her hooves was in such horrible condition when she came to us a bit ago.  We wanted to give her hoof a little bit of time, and Steve wanted to consult with another farrier before shoeing her.

We are so thankful to have Steve on our staff, he is so great with the horses and being a farrier is a wonderful added bonus.

In no time at all her hoof was all shaped and protected from further damage.  Freckles was such a good girl through the whole process, she just stood there and soaked in all the attention.

By this time Prince Kona had settled in and Steve decided to take him out and evaluate him.

He is such a big beautiful boy.  He bridled and saddled up like the old pro he is.

He rides very nicely in a round pen.

He didn’t bat an eye out in the open riding around the shelter.  He is such a gorgeous, well trained boy, and we really hope that someone will look past his age and give him a wonderful home.

Freckles was surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program, and there wasn’t a whole lot of information that came along with her.  Now that she was feeling better it was time to evaluate her.

Freckles saddled and bridled right up and soon Steve was sitting quietly on her back, riding her around the shelter.  She is an 8 year old Appy mare who is very soft in the mouth.  She needs some finishing on her training, but will make an awesome horse for someone.

We have a new video up of Daisy.  It shows her horrific experience at the auction, trying to be loaded into a trailer, and then a few months later at the Extreme Rescue Makeover Competition walking gently into a 2 horse straight.  This is a very nice video that you will want to watch and share!  To watch the video, click here.

Thank you all for your support, and please remember the auction rescue coming right up.  We really need your support to rescue lives!  Click here.