The auction is only hours away and we desperately need your help to raise the needed funds to rescue these horses out of the slaughter pipeline.  So far we have only raised $566 out of our needed goal of $5,000.  We still have a long ways to go, but with your loving donation, we know we can make it.  To donate to save lives, click here.

   Thursday Steve was busy doing more hooves.  It was Phoenix’s turn, and always, he was a good boy.  He rested his head on Steve’s back and was definitely relaxed and enjoying the process.

After his feet were done Phoenix wanted to try on Steve’s cowboy hat and pose for a picture.  Very cute Phoenix, but there’s no ear holes.

Out in the pasture Jaclyn and Sebastian were hanging out enjoying each others company.  Where one is, the other is sure to be nearby.  They didn’t know it yet, but it was their big day.

They were both heading to a wonderful home together.  We are so happy for them!

Before long the trailer door opened and they peeked out to see where they were.

Their new mom, Cathy, is so happy to have them in her life.  Cathy used to work as our receptionist, but with the move to the new shelter, the drive was just too far.  She still has the love of rescuing in her heart.

Cathy is opening up her own horse refuge to help horses in need.  She has given it a special name, Trinity Horse Refuge, in honor of 3 special horses she adopted from us: Bud, Lady and Dakota.  Sadly over the years these horses were put to sleep due to health issues, but their memory lives on and what a wonderful way to honor their lives.  If you would like to visit her Facebook page, click here.

It was brought to our attention that there are some adoptees missing from our blogs.  Over the Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale and the Horse Expo, the blogs were interrupted and not everything got in them.  We’ll do our best to catch you back up!

Two adorable little nanny goats were surrendered at our shelter, and they were both adopted.  Congratulations to them.

We transported 14 llama’s to their new home.  Their owners had passed away and they needed transporting.  We are happy that we have the big rescue rig that can safely transport a lot of animals at one time.

Foxy was adopted to a kids camp where she will really enjoy being pampered.  She is a great kids horse and we are happy that she will be able to be around a lot of kids.

Foxy was adopted with her buddy Max.  We are very happy that they will be able to stay together as they enjoy being together.

Candle, from the Extreme Rescue Makeover, was also adopted to the Kids Camp.  What a wonderful camp for adopting rescued horses!

As Jason drove away he couldn’t help but snap this picture of the horses settling into their pasture.  They looked so happy.

Lydia, inspired by the Extreme Rescue Makeover, decided to adopt Annie and start working with her.  The Extreme Rescue Makeover is such a great program and we are so delighted that it has inspired people to start training rescued horses.

Annie was delivered to Lydia’s home.  After training her Lydia plans on returning her to the shelter for adoption into a permanent home and adopting another untrained horse.  Anyone who is experienced with horses can do this.  Adopt a horse that needs some training, work with it, and help give it a bright future.

Lydia has also been exercising the horses by taking them on trail rides every chance she has.  Sammy, who had been sitting for over year, did really great on a trail ride.  She went over logs, streams, anywhere she was asked.  And to top it off, she is such a gorgeous girl.

Sammy is 8 1/2 years old, about 14.3 hands tall.  She is a very willing horse and wants to please you.  If you are looking for a nice trail companion, look no further, she might be the one!  Please contact us for more information: click here.

Please remember that the auction is happening very soon and we desperately need you help: click here.