6-16-13 – June Auction Rescue

We would like to thank everyone who donated to make our auction rescue possible.  Our rescuer Shari was at an auction Friday, but thankfully there were almost no horses there and they all went for far more than meat price.  Shari was unable to go to the Cowtown auction the following night.  At the last moment 2 other volunteer rescuers stepped in and saved 8 lives at the auction Saturday night.

Sunday morning Jason and Tawnee headed out to pick up the horses that were rescued.  When they arrived they found all of the horses that were saved in the various pens.  It was easy to tell these two little minis had been through a lot.  They looked so sad.

We would like to introduce the auction rescue horses.  This is Rambo, an older pony gelding.

This is Goldie, an older mare.

This is Ruby, a sweet mare, who has stringhalt.

This is Ruby’s best friend, Mr. Ed.  He is an older gelding.

Jack is a colt, about 2 years old.

Jill is a very pretty filly, also about 2 years old.

This adorable little guy is Nemo, he is a very bedraggled mini, but he has the cutest face of all. We can’t wait to see him blossom in our care at the shelter.

Bucky is a very cute appy mini colt.

After all the horses were found and accounted for it was time to load them up.  Rambo is such a cute little guy.

They decided to transport the minis with the yearlings.  They had spent the night together and were very comfortable being with each other.  They would have their own separate stall away from the other bigger horses in the trailer.

After everyone was loaded up it was time to hit the road.

The horses peered out wide eyed.  No doubt they wondered where they were going.

On the way back to the shelter they got a flat tire.  In no time at all Jason had it changed and they were back on the road again.

Finally at the shelter the trailer door opened up and Bucky looked out as if to say “Well, what’s next?”

One by one they came hopping out.  They all traveled so nicely and it was great to have them at the shelter safely.

Soon they were all settling into their quarantine pens.

Jack had to be separated and put into his own stall.  He is going to be gelded soon and we don’t want any chance of him hanging out with the girls.

The little minis were put in their very own stall.  They are both going to be gelded as well.

Finally all the horses were settled in and eating.  They have had a stressful last few days and it will be nice to let them settle in and relax.

Thank you all for making this auction rescue possible!  Without your help, these horses could very well be on their way to Mexico right now.