Monday morning found the auction rescue horses settled in quite nicely.  Jill has buddied up with Goldie and almost acts as if she is her mommy, but we know she isn’t.  Her mom was probably the same color.

Tawnee headed out to pick up one horse and transport one of our previously adopted horses.

Scarlet’s adoptive family was moving to a new home and Scarlet needed a ride because she didn’t fit in their car.  She is such a big girl!

She will definitely be happy at their new home.  It’s a lot bigger piece of property so she will have more room to roam.  She sure is doing great with her forever family.

There was an older horse (around 30 years old) that was dearly loved by his family, but his health started going down and they knew it was time to say “Goodbye.”  We are so thankful that we have the Last Act of Kindness program that gives an option to owners who can’t afford the high cost of euthanasia at a vet office.

Ruby, the mare with stringhalt, is such a sweet girl and seemed like she wanted something to do, so we decided to evaluate her.  Usually we give auction horses a few more days to settle in, but she was so calm and following people around, asking for interaction.

She saddled right up and you could tell she is very experienced.

We obviously didn’t ride her long, stringhalt is not painful to horses, just awkward.  She is extremely well trained and we are hoping that the vet will diagnose her stringhalt as fixable and she can get back to the lifestyle she’s used to.

Potential adopters came out to view adoptable horses.  Sammy was saddled up for them to see.  Prince Kona was ridden around bareback, but in the end they really fell in love with the 2 Paint sisters, and will be bringing their trainer back to get the trainer’s opinion on them.

Goldie would like to send a great big “Thank you!” to everyone who donated to the auction rescue.  Without your support, she could be on her way to Mexico right now.  Just look at that sweet face that your donation helped save.

Thanks again for all of your support!