Poppin stood on the desk and crowed an exciting announcement: Horse Plus Humane Society is hosting a Horse Behavior Revealed workshop!

Maggie Metzker, equine behavior specialist and one of the judges at the Extreme Rescue Makeover Grand Finale, has agreed to come do a Horse Behavior Revealed workshop at our shelter on June 30 from 10:00 – 3:00.  You are invited to come learn how to better understand your horse!  Registration is limited, to learn more about this exciting opportunity, click here.

Petuna the pig has fallen in love with Judylynn, our shelter manager, and she loves laying on her side and letting Judylynn rub her belly.  Petuna makes the cutest little happy pig noises.  When Petuna first came to us she was so obese should couldn’t even see because the fat rolls covered her eyes and she could barely walk, she was also very scared of people.  The vet put her on a diet program and in her large pen she is able to walk around.  She is doing much better now!  Petuna has asked that she now have a tummy tuck and liposuction to fix the loose skin and touch her up a bit.  We told her she is beautiful just the way she is and she seemed quite satisfied.

We were very excited as Kirsty was coming out to see what progress she could make with the auction horses.  We gave her a tour around the shelter.  She loved meeting Macho Man!

In the last Auction Rescue there were three unhandled colts that needed to be gelded.  They were all curious but completely unhandled and untrained.

Kirsty’s first horse would be Jack, she got him out of his stall and moved him to the round pen.

She started working on gaining his confidence.

Before long he was even letting her pet him.

Behind the indoor arena Shawnee and Knicker’s were running free enjoying the bright sunny weather.  They didn’t know it yet, but Shawnee was on the schedule to get her hooves done.

Steve was soon working away on her hooves.  She was a very good girl.

While Steve was trimming Shawnee’s hooves, Kirsty came walking out of the roundpen and said “Ok, who’s next?” while Jack was gently following along.  It was amazing to see the progress she had made in such a short time.  Jack had not been previously halter trained, but is a very good learner, and Kirsty is a great trainer.

It was neat seeing Jack follow her right into the stall.  What a dramatic change from when he walked out of the stall earlier!

Next Kirsty took Jill into the roundpen and started working with her.

Steve meanwhile was still trimming Shawnee.  The finishing touches were just being done.

Jill was a bit more apprehensive, but Kirsty was gaining her confidence.

Steve got to work trimming another horse.  It was quite the training and farrier day in the morning.

Before long Jill was haltered up and was learning to follow and lead.

Everyone was amazed on how quickly Kirsty was getting horses where she could lead them out of the roundpen and around the shelter.

Next Kirsty got to work on the two little minis.  Bucky wasn’t keen on the idea of humans doing anything with him.

Lydia came to the shelter and started working with Nemo after he had his halter on.  He was learning to trust humans.

Kirsty was still trying to gain Bucky’s confidence.  He has  a lot of spunk to him and he wasn’t quite sure about all this human stuff.

It was neat watching them work with the horses, and Lydia was able to learn a lot of new training tips from Kirsty too.

Poor Nemo is so skinny.  It’s always sad seeing a mini so skinny, it doesn’t take much food to keep a mini in good weight.  Someone really deprived poor Nemo of food before dumping him at the auction.

To make matters worse for the poor little guy, he was literally covered in creepy crawly lice.  He was given a lice treatment and soon lice were dying and falling off everywhere.  It was really nasty.

Finally all the minis were leading around the roundpen.  Bucky still wasn’t the best at leading, but he was getting the idea.

Along with everything else it was a vet day.  The vet came out to evaluate the auction horses and give them health checkups.  Goldie has something wrong with her hip, so the vet checked her out to see what was wrong with that.

Ruby, the mare with stringhalt, was examined.  She has a scar where the muscle attaches that could be causing her issues, or she could have eaten a toxic weed.  He gave us a treatment plan to see if she can be helped.  She is trained very nicely to ride, and the vet assured us that it doesn’t cause her any pain, so he gave the OK to take her on trail rides.

Mr Ed was examined and had his teeth looked at.  The vet confirmed that he is around 25-26 years old.  He is in great condition for an older guy.

Rambo, the pony, has a little eye issue.  It was checked out and it is fine, it’s an old injury.  The vet aged him at 20 years old.

Sammy, the half Arab with the old injury, was examined as the scar tends to crack at times.  The vet gave us some ointment to put on it to keep it soft so it can heal properly.  She has great movement and thankfully had no long term affects from her injury.

Next the vet looked at Prince Kona.  He was surrendered to us as a 26 year old, but his teethe and body condition didn’t look like he was 26.  We called the person who surrendered him to us and he couldn’t remember how old Kona was when he got him, he was just guessing.  The great news is the vet aged him at only 15!  He also checked out his back and says that it is his confirmation and he is fine and doesn’t have any back issues.

After all the horses that were on the vet list were checked out, it was time to get the gelding operations underway.  Kirsty pet Jack while the vet gave him his medicine.  He stood there so calmly for the injection, what an amazing change from a few hours before.

One by one the colts and stallions were becoming geldings.  At the end of the day 5 gelding operations were done: Nova (a donkey brought in for the gelding program,) Nemo, Jack, Bucky and Bandit.  When Bandit was waking up he looked up like “What is going on?”  Poor guys.  They were all groggy when they woke up but after awhile they were all doing fine and have a much brighter future, it just might not feel like it right now.

As you can tell from this blog Kirsty did absolutely amazing job with the horses that she worked with.  We would love to hire her full time, please help sponsor her and give bright futures to the horses!  There are so many untrained horses that come to the shelter, we need a fully time trainer to give each and every one of them a brighter future and the best possible chance of them finding a forever home.  Even $5 a month will help, please select your monthly sponsorship amount by clicking on it: $5.00 or $10.00.  If you would like to donate more than $10 a month for the trainer, please contact us: click here.

Thank you all for your support!