Wednesday there was yet another board meeting and there was a line of cars at the gate. The board members were welcomed by a locked gate that refused to open.  The board members started piling up in the driveway, and the lock finally had to be cut.  They considered forming a committee to perform a study to see if a new lock was needed.

Kirsty continued working with the auction horses.  Nemo is really starting to settle down and realize that humans can be nice.

Jack is coming along so nicely and is starting to really enjoy human contact.  He is going to be an awesome little horse.

Jill is leading much better.  She is a little slower in learning to trust humans, but she is getting there.

During lunch Kirsty met Poppin, who was hanging out in Tawnee’s office.  Steve told Kirsty that he will eat food right out of her bag, and sure enough.  He will sit there begging until he gets some food.

After lunch 4 horses were being surrendered without any financial assistance into the Last Act of Kindness.

One of the poor horses leg is so bent that it’s amazing she can walk.

Meanwhile in the round pen Kirsty was getting to work on Bella.  The plans are to train her under saddle.

Kirsty started working on the basics with her, and we feel confident that in no time at all Bella will be a nice riding horse and will be adopted.

We had some previous adopters come by to add some roosters to their family.  Look at those huge smiles!  Thank you so much for giving these two roosters such a great home.

With Kirsty training in the round pen full time, and the Horse Behavior Revealed clinic coming right up, the Board decided some sand was needed in the round pen.  One of the board members offered the use of his trailer to get the load of sand.

Mr Ed was going to be evaluated for his riding abilities.  The vet had given him a clean bill of health, and gave him the OK to be ridden.  He’s a 26 year old gelding, but is in excellent health.

He rode very nicely for Steve, and Kirsty got on and put him through some moves.  She believes that he is an old western pleasure horse.  He is so extremely well trained and all around an awesome horse.

By this time Jason was getting back with the load of sand.  The trailer backed up to the roundpen…

The trailer went up up up…

…and the first load was down on the ground.

After all the work was done Tawnee and Kirsty headed into the office and had a surprise waiting for them.  Steve had been eating cookies and left the package out.  Apparently Poppin decided that he wasn’t given enough food for lunch, and he had a huge desert.  There were cookies and crumbs everywhere.  Half pecked cookies on the desk, on the floor, just about everywhere.

Poppin had attacked the cookie bag and when he was full he fell asleep sitting on the cookies.  He is quite the little character and Steve wasn’t too happy to find out half of his cookies were gone.

Tawnee showed Kirsty some stuff on the computer, and then Poppin decided it was time to wake up and ensconced himself on Kirsty’s head.  What a silly little guy!

Thank you all for your support!