Thursday morning Jason headed out to get the last 2 loads of sand for the roundpen.

Using a dump trailer makes it so nice!

At noon when the shelter opened 4 horses were surrendered for the Last Act of Kindness.  They all had medical issues.  We are so thankful that we have this service for horses who’s owners cannot afford to have them humanely euthanized, leaving them with the only other option of putting them free on Craigslist or taking them to auction where they can so easily slip into the slaughter pipeline.

Kirsty was working with the minis again, teaching them to tie and lead better.  They are getting used to human contact and the training is going well.  Nemo is doing quite well and getting in the routine of human interaction.  Bucky is a little bit more unsure about the whole idea but he is coming right around.

He is such a cute little guy and we are so happy that he has a wonderful home lined up.

Steve and Tawnee were working on putting sand barriers at the edge of the roundpen to keep the sand inside.  We would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for giving us such a great deal on the mats, we really appreciate it.

Kirsty wasn’t able to use the roundpen for most of the day, but would bring the horses in and out to get them used to new things.

Kirsty is getting Jill used to humans being above her and around her in preparation for when she goes under saddle.

Jill also had her first tying lesson and she did amazingly well.

Finally the last load of sand was being dumped.

After a bunch of shoveling the round pen is all nicely covered with soft sand.  It is much safer for the horses and humans that use the roundpen to have a good layer of sand.  Bella, seen in this picture, was sold at the auction as being green broke, but she doesn’t have the best ground manners or training, so Kirsty is going to start her from the beginning as if she doesn’t know anything.

Near closing time we had 2 more trailers from 2 different places come in surrendering horses.  It made a total of 7 horses surrendered at the shelter today!  Being an open door shelter, we never know when horses are going to be surrendered, but we are thankful that they have a place to go.

The horses were all unloaded safely.  This is a 19 year old half Paint mare who is trained to ride.  Sadly her owner was no longer able to keep her.

One of the other horses is an Arab gelding who was going to be taken to Animal Control. Animal Control told the owner to surrender him directly to us so they wouldn’t have to transport him over as that Animal Control brings their horses to us.

He has got the cutest face!

If you could make a donation it would help out a lot.  Most of the horses surrendered today  came without any financial help.  We rely on donations from people just like you to help horses like these that have no other option than to come to us.  To help them out, click here.