Many of you will remember Goldie, the mare we rescued from the auction.  She was very lame, and after the vet examined her the vet determined there was something wrong with her hip.  We received an email from one of Goldie’s previous owner’s.  They were horrified to see her in the condition she is now.  He had sold her a year ago to a gentleman, and was shocked to see her on our blog so underweight and very lame.  He sent photos, and a detailed description, and it all matches up exactly.  A year ago Goldie was a nice fat, healthy, sound horse who loved going on trail rides and doing some gymkhana.  He estimated her age to be around 11 years old.  At the auction she was sold as a 25 year old buckskin mare. Our vet aged her at 13 years old.  We always marvel how horses can go from loved, cared for, loving companions to rejects at an auction so quickly.  Thanks to your support though, we can rescue horses just like Goldie.  We are hoping her lameness can be managed.

Speaking of auction stories, back in February of 2012 we rescued this poor little bedraggled baby, named Teddy, from an auction.  You can read about his auction rescue by clicking here.

We recently received an update about Teddy, who is now about 2 years old.  He looks so different than when he was first rescued!  He is loved and well cared for, and we are so happy that we were able to rescue him, and place him in such a great home.  We would like to thank donors like you for making happy endings like this possible.

Sunday at the shelter Sierra, who is an E-Adopted Mustang mare, was enjoying eating in the lower pasture.  Behind her there are lots of blackberry vines.

The blackberry crop this year at the shelter is going to be a bumper crop, the vines are so loaded!

Parcy didn’t know it yet but he it was time for his yearly medications.  He was brought up from the pasture.

Parcy is halter trained, but Shadow is not, so Parcy was tied outside of the gate and Shadow was herded out.

Once up in the arena they looked around wide eyed and curious.  They were going to spend the night in the arena so they would be ready to get their meds in the morning.

A potential adopter came out to look at the horses.  We are really hoping that the Paint sisters will find a wonderful home together soon.

Towards the end of the day Tawnee was driving down a road that she doesn’t often drive down.  A horse with no humans or houses near it was standing near the side of the road with the look of “Can you please help? I’m lost!”  Tawnee got out and got a halter on the horse, and one of our volunteers waited with the horse while Tawnee went and got the trailer from the shelter.  While the horse was waiting it crossed its hind legs as it patiently waited.  Before long Tawnee was back and the horse loaded up in the trailer and made it safely to the shelter.  Animal Control is looking for its owner.

Thank you all for your support!