Tuesday morning the weather was still not looking like a nice summer day.  It was rainy and felt more like February than the end of June.  There was a lot on the schedule and everyone was going to be busy despite the heavy dark clouds and rain.

First, Ruby and Mr Ed had to be delivered to their new homes.  They looked a little wet and bedraggled, but thankfully it wasn’t very cold, just wet and rainy.

Before long Ruby found herself at her new home.  This was a very special home and we are very excited for her to be placed there.

She was adopted by a veterinarian and acupuncturist couple, who are going to work on getting her all fixed up and trying to fix her stringhalt.  They are going to do a series of herbs to try and detox her body in case her stringhalt is caused by toxins.  They are also going to do acupuncture on her.  We are very excited about this opportunity and delighted that she is where she can get help.  When her treatment is over they are planning on returning her to the shelter so she can placed in her forever home.

Mr Ed was given another checkup by the vet before going on to his home. He was given a clear bill of health.

At his new home Mr Ed was busy checking out the soft sand in the round pen.  He started pawing the sand into a pile.

He kept pawing until he had a great big pile of sand.

Then he kept going.  Tawnee thought for sure he was going to lay down and roll on the pile, but after he was satisfied with his pile of sand he moved on and started a new pile.  We are so happy that we were able to find him such a great home.

Wednesday morning the sun was shining again and it felt like summer once again.  Kirsty was working with Jill getting her desensitized.  Jill wasn’t convinced that it was a good idea.

In no time at all Jill was leading around with the big scary blue tarp over her back.

Then the tarp came up over her head and she stood there like such a good girl.  Kirsty is such an excellent trainer.

Jack was next to be introduced to the tarp.  He did really good too.

After he did so well with the tarp Kirsty introduced him to the saddle.

Bella is doing very well and is under saddle now.  This is the first time that Bella has been ridden at the shelter.

Kirsty put a lot of time in on groundwork and Bella is doing absolutely wonderful.

After working on training she started evaluating some of the horses that haven’t been evaluated yet.  This is Red Hawk, he’s about 12 years old.  He was surrendered last week.  Kirsty told Judylynn that he needs a very experienced rider and that she thinks he would be great at endurance riding.  Judylynn got to work on her endurance contacts and by the end of the day he was placed in adoption pending!  Great work Judylynn!

Fancy is a duel registered Pinto and half registered Arabian.  She is 19 year old mare and very pretty.  She likes to be with her friends, but she will ride away and calms down after a little bit.  She neck reigns nicely.  She would make a great riding companion for someone, maybe you?

Poppin was on top of the world!  He felt very high and mighty.  He was visiting a children’s summer school program to teach them about chickens.

The kids were all delighted watching Poppin walking around next to them and be able to pet him when he perches on them.  Many kids don’t know that chickens can be just like parrots and are affectionate little critters.  Great work Poppin, being a chicken ambassador!

Thank you all for your support!